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Workout for small spaces?

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Default Workout for small spaces?

Does anyone have any tips, routines, or ideas for working out in small spaces? Like severely small spaces....

I'm currently living in an apartment style dorm. I have a room to myself which is slightly bigger than the size of a walk in closet.
The only places I have to workout are on my bed or in a 3x4 area of space at the very end of my room. There's not enough space for me to lay out on the floor to do exercises.

I'm not ready to go to a gym, neither emotionally or financially. But I am determined to come up with a rep-based or light weight / resistance band workout I can do in my room to tone up this summer, darn it!!!!

Please share your advices!

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Hmmm... If you have access to youtube, there are some good free vids on there. I use fitnessblender a lot, but you would have to stick to the upper body ones and get yourself some weights, I think. Modernmom has a good one for hips that you might be able to do on your bed.

Is walking out of the question? It's good to get out and about, and it's free! Sounds like you have enough room for squats... Another important thing, I think, is to keep shaking it up as much as you can... vary your routine as much as you can.

Good luck!

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I would do sit ups and pushups in the tiny space (push ups against the wall or the bed frame if you can't get on the floor), and then go outside for walks, and try to find hills or steps to walk up.
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Outside walking? And I'd look into body weight exercises. They don't need much room.
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If there's enough room to do lunges and squats you can do Tonique. It's on YouTube. Also walk walk walk.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely be looking up the youtube vids recommended.

I already walk and take stairs, it's just time to add in more than just that!

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Definitely check out some fitness videos on youtube, other than dancing, you should have room to just about anything. I suggest investing in some dumbbells or resistance bands as well.

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