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Running, sweating, and sunscreen

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Default Running, sweating, and sunscreen

Does anyone have a recommendation for a sunscreen that is (a) sweat proof and (b) safe for very sensitive skin?

I was only out for about 30 minutes this afternoon for my run and managed to get a pretty noticeable sunburn. (Yes, my skin is that fair!) But I don't really see the point of sunscreen because I sweat buckets when I run (especially when it is 90+ degrees!) and I'm afraid any "sports formula" types that would be sweat proof would cause me to break out (because, again, yes, my skin is that fair...and sensitive).

So, any recommendations?
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I'm like that too. I would wear a viser type hat for the face. There are some sweatproof formulas - you just need to apply them 30 minutes before going out (all sunscreen is supposedly to be applied early like that) and then don't rub it off. It should get you through the run.

On the face though, make sure you use a faces one only though. My eyes tear like I'm bawling if I get sweaty and then it with the sunscreen runs into my eyes.

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Things with zinc oxide are strong but might work with your sensitive skin. other options are - change the times you run, use long sleeve sun shirts and a visor, use a treadmill.
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I like the visor idea! I'd thought about a ballcap but I really hate them. They make my head feel all chunky, or something.

I guess I'll have to experiment with some sort of sweat proof sunscreen, maybe something with zinc oxide. I'll apply a small bit somewhere and see what my skin thinks of it.

BBB, that sweat + suncreen in the eyes thing worries me....I'll be blindly staggering about trying to find my way home.

Seagirl, the long sleeves idea is actually a good suggestion. It seems like it would be really hot and uncomfortable, but in arid climates, the people always dress so the skin is covered so there's some kind of logic there I guess.

Changing my run time isn't really option. Some days, maybe, but not all. I work two part time jobs - one morning, one evening - so my available time to run is afternoon. And I refuse to run on a treadmill in summer....I want to enjoy the weather, because hot and sunny is a short season where I live.
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I don't use the stuff. But my kids use a kids one. And it is frickin' hardcore. The inside of my new car tells the story. White marks everywhere that won't wash off without stain remover. I would try a kids, water resistant brand.

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I have all the same features you do - ghostly pale, super-picky skin that simply doesn't LIKE to be outside. I have gotten sun poisoning (hives/blisters) in 10 minutes under the right conditions. I can use a non-"nano" version of a zinc oxide sunscreen most of the time. I'm trying something new this summer - a supplement made from ferns that is said to improve sun sensitivity and also enhance the skin's ability to repair from sun damage. It's called Fernblock and is available from Life Extension Foundation. I'm only two weeks into it, so I don't have much to say about it yet - at least there has been zero negative effect. It seems (could be placebo effect) that this week my skin "feels" cooler in direct sunlight. I liked what I read about it, and Lord knows, I need all the help I can get with the sun!
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Ian, kids sunscreen is a good suggestion! Thanks!

ICU, the Fernblock product looks very interesting. I'm going to see if I can find more on it.
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Neutrogena Wet Skin - it's a spray sunblock, so if you're used to lotion, it might be weird at first, but it is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used. I'm half Irish and half Irish, so when I even think about sunlight, I burn redder than a lobster. Since switching to Neutrogena, I vary from pale winter white to the ever-so-slightly tan - plus, it's a lot easier to apply to your back when you don't have someone to do it for you! Just don't spray it directly on your face; spray it into your hand and then apply it to your face, or use a separate facial sunblock (I use Shisheido's face cream sunblock) if your face is extra-sensitive.

IanG, if you want to avoid any more white stains, Neutrogena also makes a kids' version of Wet Skin spray sunblock! It's like 70+ SPF (which is overkill) but it's just as great as the original version and it doesn't leave any residue on anything - including your car interior

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I would try a spray sport one, not a lotion. But, they are alcohol based and generally chemical sunscreen, so not sure about your sensitive skin. Lotions run on my. Sprays do not. I don't run but I don't cycle in the heat.
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You might check out online stores that specialize in Asian cosmetics to see if you can find some Japanese sunscreens. They're usually liquid (and therefore much lighter and runnier than the lotions we're used to in the U.S.) and can often contain alcohol, but they're also the only sunscreens I've found to be genuinely sweat/humidity resistant. They'll stay on until you use a facial cleansing wash to take them off. If you think your skin would tolerate the alcohol, you might want to check them out.

My personal favorite is Sunplay Super Block. It's a physical sunscreen that dries clear and stays on through anything. Shiseido Anessa and Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence are also really good.
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I realize this is an old thread, but I highly recommend you check out the Environmental Working Group's guide to sunscreen.

They rank sunscreen based on "safety and efficacy". Usually the safer they are, the less likely they will be to have ingredients that will harm your sensitive skin, plus they break down all the ingredients and explain them to you. The majority of the top-rated products are actually made for babies, so that was a very good suggestion. I usually find myself standing in the sunscreen aisle for about 10 minutes while on their website trying to figure out what is the most safe and cost effective product available at the store lol

But in the end, the best thing to do is wear a hat and cover up with UV protective breathable clothing.

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I bought an organic one for my kid, may have been Burt's bees. Darn I can't remember!! But it was super expensive like $20 bucks, specific to kid so likely good for sensitive skin, and really thick so it absorbs and stays up! Ugh it's killing me that I car remember the name!

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