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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Do you work out because...

You enjoy it or to change your body?

I enjoy lifting, sometimes of course I feel lazy and have to drag my *** to the gym or my resting between sets seem to drag out. But at least I went. I do like strength training.

I HATE cardio oh my god. So I don't do it. Though I'm going to add a 30 minute session on days I take a break from lifting to help me lose a bit of extra gloop. That or yoga which I thought I liked until I did it today and found out that my hinges are so rusty I can barely stretch!
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I got this
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Definitely to change my body, although I first did it because I thought it'd help me lose more. The only exercise I enjoy is swimming. I'd love to find an aqua strength training class of some sort but not sure if that's even feasible or a good idea?

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Originally I was hoping to out exercise a terrible diet (LOL). Then I did it to change my body. Now I enjoy it.

Before and after my runs I'm pumped. During, I feel like I'm gunna die but that's okay because I know I'll feel pumped again soon. With lifting I love it all around.
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I exercise to keep me from getting depressed. Depression then leads to lots of bingeing and overeating. I exercise because I know it helps me lose weight. I exercise because I want to get in shape. So exercising fills a lot of places in my life.

I love going to the zumba classes, but weights and other cardio are not nearly as fun for me.
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I exercise to gain muscle. I personally love the look of sculpted arms and defined calves. I really enjoy weight training, and Having to increase the weights as I gain more strength. I HATE cardio. I'm hoping with IP and then weights I can get that chiseled look I want
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I love to work-out because I feel so much better physically and mentally. There is such a thing as "runner's high"--(not that I am much of a runner)--I Jazzercise 4 to 5 times a week. And I work out as hard as I can and come out very sweaty-after the aerobic session along with my arms feeling like rubber bands because of the weight program in the class--and it all just makes me feel great. The ultimate endorphin rush.

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To be perfectly honest, if I didn't have to exercise, I wouldn't. So, ultimately it is about weight control. However, I can only exercise consistently if I enjoy the activity. So, things like running, cardio kickbox, step are fun. I do not enjoy lifting. I really have to will myself to do that.
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No more +sizes
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I exercise because it makes me feel great. I have to alternate it frequently or my body will adjust to it and it will not have an impact. So starting this weekend I will be starting 30 Day Shred over again. After I've gone through all three levels, I'll switch to P90X, then a kettlebell workout and hopefully I will build back up to running two miles again... I fell off the wagon for a year so I'm starting over doing what I know works for my body.
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I dislike weight training and only do it to change my body. That burning feeling I get after so many reps feels really uncomfortable to me.

However, I love cardio. The more tired I get, the better. I love the rush I get, and it always makes me feel much better emotionally.

I also love to stretch, particularly when I'm sore, because it feels great.
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OMG, Daki! I did/do the same thing! I would work out so vigorously for at least an hour a day and then proceed to eat about 5,000 calories per day. It was working for awhile, but it has caught up to me

Now, I work out to lose weight and shape my body. Also, like others have said, if I don't workout, I get depressed.

I LOVE rollerskating/rollerblading and I enjoy bike riding. I also enjoy this full body sculpt class that I attend once a week. I HATE my boot camp class that I also attend once a week. I hate it while I'm doing it, but I love it after. Like others have said, those endorphin's kick in and I just want to come back for more!

I cannot run for the life of me. I absolutely hate it, so I don't do it. Rollerskating/rollerblading are my preferred forms of cardio, followed by dancey DVDs like Hip Hop Abs, hah! I don't mind other DvDs like Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner, but I don't LOVE them either.
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Trying to be in the 160s
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Both. I have kids and a pretty stressful job. So trips to the gym early in the morning or during my lunch break are "my time" and to be honest easier.

But the changes to the body and the occassional accelerated weight loss are very welcome too!

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I started for two reasons, to change by body and to get more healthy, because I'm at a stage where I can barely climb a flight of stairs without my legs aching. I'm in such bad shape that my legs feel like they're going to give out long before I feel out of breath. I long to feel and look more healthy.

I don't mind exercising that much, but I certainly wouldn't say I started because I enjoy it
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I used to HATE exercise, and I never believed I would like it, but now I actually do. Mainly this change of attitude is due to the group fitness class I take; I would not enjoy working out nearly as much if I were on my own. The class is intense and challenging, so it has forced me to realize how much more I can do physically than I thought I could (this is from someone who was lousy at gym in h.s. & college). Also, of course, there is the vanity aspect of it. I enjoy the definition I'm seeing in my arms and legs. Also, I like to eat, and even though I realize one cannot out-exercise a bad diet, I do believe all the exercise I do has allowed me to eat many of the foods I love several times a week without regaining all my weight as I have in the past. To me, exercise has become a normal part of my daily routine, and I cannot imagine not doing it now.
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Girl Gone Strong
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My reasons changed. In the beginning, it was primarily to burn calories and lose weight, to improve my blood pressure and drop cholesterol. Also I wanted to be able to walk further without getting tired and climb stairs without being winded.

Now I'm conscious of using it to burn off stress, to regain a sense of mastery over something simple when I am feeling less than competent at getting through life, and yes, I like having some muscle, too.
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When I restart exercising, it is only to burn calories and because I know it is good for me. Once I get into a routine it is because I like how I feel before and after. During is a whole different question lol

When I am in the habit, I love cardio but strength training I have to make myself because, it feels ok doing it, but I HATE the sore feeling after and the next day. Although I take a BCAA with Glutamine supplement now and it has really cut out the day after soreness so maybe I will get into it more.
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