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Default lap swimmng

Does anyone do any lap swimming? I love to swim, I grew up spending every summer day in a pool swimming (not laying out) and I was on a swim team in school. I would like to make swimming a part of my exercise routine but I'm looking for advice. I am thinking of joining a YMCA in my area to make this possible year round. If you do lap swimming, what kind of results have you found or obstacles. Any advice is welcomed!
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I LOVE swimming laps!
My obstacles:
-the heat (heat index is over 100 lately and the air quality is poor because I'm in a big city).
-other people in the pool. It's an apartment pool, so no roped off lap lanes. Last time I was trying to swim laps a guy was swimming "laps" the width of the pool instead of the length. And he was pausing in between laps. So I had to try and time my laps around him and it was a very big hassle.

Haven't been able to swim regularly between the rain and the heat, so I can't say I've noticed big results from swimming.
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I love lap swimming. I use a $3 cylindrical plastic stitch counter (from Michael's displayed with the knitting needles and crochet hooks) threaded on a cord to count my laps, so I don't lose count. You can by all-plastic push-button counters as well for about $10, and high tech waterproof lap counter/stop watches for $60 and up.

$3 makes more sense to me.
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Thanks for the advice kaplods. It's such a great idea I will definitely look into. Ballerina at least you have a pool to keep you cool and yes with this weather I would expect it to be packed! hot hot hot
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DH and I were just talking about this. I pretty much can't swim, but several years ago, I *tried* to learn at a gym I had a membership to. I was able to "swim" "laps" but the water had to be like 4 1/2 feet so I could stop and stand up if I got anxious.

I still remember the first time I was like "ok, I'm going to swim laps" after practicing. I swam for maybe 15 minutes and I stopped a lot because I keep getting nervous. (I don't like the feeling of my body being horizontal in the water).
I still remember my muscles burning while swimming and aching to holy heaven after, and I was pretty fit at the time. I can not believe what an awesom total body workout swimming was!!

We bought a house last year with a pool, and while we need to replace the liner before using it (hopefully soon??) I am kind of excited to use our pool and for DH since it is difficult at best to talk to him about working out, but he is loves swimming and I know if we had the pool open he would use it and workout regularly!

Ok sorry to hijjak this thread!

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swimming is the ONLY SPORT that i love.

last year i joined a gym with no swimming pool, cause it was "fancier", had all new equipment, had tons of classes like kickboxing etc... i went probably 40 times in 1 year. waste of money.

i have now joined a gym that is really lacking on classes and equipment, but has TWO swimming pools. i have to say, i just joined, and it's summer so all the kids are there. it's a bit problematic, BUT, i realize, that swimming is fundamental for me. it is the one exercise that i feel i want to go and do.

finding which time there are less people.
when i get my period, i do not go.
have to wax/shave/epillate constanly.
kinda forces you to shower at the gym, requires more preparation before and after the workout. could be problematic if you want to do it before work, what to do with the wet swimsuit/towel.

sport you LOVE!
works out all the body. burns a lot of cals.
builds resistance. you can challenge yourself and see progress.
makes you feel great after you've finished.
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May I suggest to the lap swimmers that you consider a Masters swim team? You cannot find a better bunch of folks to play with, and it's a great way to learn how to swim better. Don't let the idea of competitions scare you off! Meets are huge fun!
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Update: I contacted my local Y and I will be going there next month for a tour and make my decision then. I plan on taking a few water aerobics classes as well. My excitement is building!
I loved reading the obstacles and benefits you wrote loser59. Your "sport you love" benefit is one that shouted to me! I find myself looking forward to having goggles and a swim cap again.
I've never heard of a Master swim team ICUwishing. I will keep my eyes and ears open to this as well.
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