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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default To all who are feeling the pain of impact from running or aerobics.

Everyone--regardless of age experiences the pain in their feet-ankles-knees and hips when it comes to the impact of running or aerobics--and even walking if you're just starting an exercise routine.

Please--don't just grab those old tennis shoes in your closet to start out with. The technology today in a good pair of shoes has come a long way over the decades to rid us of the pain of impact. They are designed to absorb the shock. So invest your time in discovering what type of shoe fits your exercise--either through internet sources or your physical fitness shoe store in the mall. Ask lots of questions--and try on several pairs to see which one works best for you. Remember to only use your shoes for your work-out and if you're exercising a lot--to replace them about every 6 months.

The best tip I have is: After purchasing your new pair of work-out/ running or walking shoes--is to add a little bit more cushion for double the protection against the (pain). At any Walgreens/Walmart or Safeway store in the foot section--you will find lots of inserts. I use the clear--flexible--thin inserts that are designed really for high heels and pumps. They work great in work-out shoes also--but are not advertised for that use. They are so thin--you don't have to remove the insoles of your shoes. They have a glue tape for easy insertion. They only cover the heel and ball of your foot-(aka the impact area)-so you still have lots of toe room in your workout shoe. They really absorb the shock to your joints. They only cost about $8.00 and I found out they last about as long as the shoe (6 months) if you're an avid exerciser. I like them so much I actually monkey glued a pair into my Tiva sandals. I have told all my work-out gals about this--and they are using them too, and just love them.

Hopefully this helps.

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