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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Question So it's nearly that time...

I have a cold.

This being said I cannot start running yet although I am highly motivated right now to do so. As to not waist my time during this surge of motivation I thought I would make myself known in the Fitness thread.

So, what do you guys think? Spend just the cash on some good shoes and just jog or take the extra cash and go join a gym? Gyms are slap-yo-momma expensive, but the ability to run on a treadmill rain or shine (and here in central cali there is rain) or even better the bike.

I am gonna have to ask for assistance from the parents if I join a gym, but it might be worth it?

Opinions on gym memberships versus working out at home?
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I've personally done both, and each have their pros and cons... per usual
When it comes to a gym you need to make sure you have the conviction to go often and get the most bang for your buck. If I was also going to spend money on a gym I'd like it to have options. The gym I used in the past had classes I could attended, a swimming pool, basketball/volleyball court, tennis court, running track, free weights, machine weights, and all kinds of cardio machines. So I could always vary my workout and try new things! But I also had a buddy to meet me there, which made sure I went 6/7 days a week.

The bad sides to a gym is well finding one you really like. Also distance. The effort of getting to the gym. Cleanliness. Your self confidence of working out around other people and also of course the cost. I'd highly recommended asking for a tour of their facilities before joining any gym.

I've recently moved and I find the gyms out here in LA to be very intimidating, plus I don't know anyone to have a gym buddy or have the budget to go to a gym. So I've recently started working out at home. This is nice because A. I can do it whenever and I don't have to go anywhere. B. No one stares at me while I pretend I'm a beached whale on the floor, and I have my own private shower/no locker room after I work out The downside is.. it's your home and maybe not conducive to working out, or there are too many distractions at home, or just not motivating enough. Maybe you need to see those other people working out

I recently started the P90x at home and I've been sticking with it for a week now and I'm pretty proud. You really have to think about which one you know you will have the best chance of success at. Because it's really about how hard you work, and how disciplined you are
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I just started running in June, and I prefer to run outside. I joined a cheap gym (planet fitness) in January - I'm afraid of falling on the ice. I've learned I hate running on the treadmill, so now I do the elliptical at the gym. I can't wait for spring so I can run outside again.

If you don't have a cheap gym nearby, what about the local high school or community college? They might let you use their facilities for little or no money. Do a little research while you're getting over your cold - maybe you'll find something perfect for you.

Good for you for wanting to start - now start working towards it!

Lost the first 100 with Medifast, now working on the last 25
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Ooh the gym at the local CC is a good idea! Haha talk about intimidation ;D A bunch of in shape 18 year old dudes watching my [email protected]# struggle. Here we have what I consider one of the best community colleges and they have a great gym. I will look into that. Unfortunately its not super close. I do have a gym that is literally down the street (5 mins walking slowly). I also have a friend who goes to that gym. The only reason I am reluctant to ask her is she would like to be my gym buddy is because I know if I manage to stick with this I am eventually going to want to use free-weights and she does not like em.

That's the future though. Hummm...
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I really, really, dislike the dreadmill.... Although I did do the dreadmill for 2 years at the gym, but once I got outside I have not ever done more than 5 minutes on the dreadmill since, it's been 6 years... I use the gym only for weight training 3-4x/wk....

When it rains or is too cold in the Canadian north I go to a Complex where there is a track, 6 turns = 1 mile... ALMOST as boring as the dreadmill but not quite .... So maybe there's an indoor track in your area, ie: school gym or something...
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I found using the treadmill quite helpful when I first started running, but now I can't stand it anymore.

I belong to a gym. I use it to swim, weights, classes and to take my son swimming. But I can't run in there for more than 5 minutes. I probably run twice a week - I admit I don't like running in the rain and will tend to tell myself (hmmm, maybe a spin class today...) But I also train and play rugby in the rain so a little precipitation is not the end of the world.

So what if your friend doesn't like free weights? Y'all can do a little cardio together and then go your separate ways and meet up to leave or maybe she'll give free weights a try.

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