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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

Feedback on Exercise Plan Please!

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Default Feedback on Exercise Plan Please!

OK, sorry to ping everyone two times in one morning, but I am pretty novice when it comes to exercise theory and still feel like in spite of trying to educate myself I don't get it all.

I know you aren't doctors, etc, but I was hoping for some feedback on my suggested exercise plan. I am 5 '11, 213Ibs, and have a pretty decent shape (hourglass). My knees tend to bother me when I do a lot of cardio, something I am hoping will decrease as I lose weight. I like to walk, and do that often. But I don't do much strength training. So here's my idea:

3x week strength training with a walk before hand - as I lose weight and my knees feel better I will upgrade to higher intensity cardio/more frequent cardio.

How does that sound? Is it even worth doing strength training, or will that just make me bulk up?
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You certainly won't bulk up from strength training, but you may find that the scale will show a temporary "gain" of 2 to 3 pounds for a few days as your muscles hold in more water. It will flush out, I promise!! I think it would be great to do that!

If you have pain, actual pain not just soreness or slight discomfort, then, yes, avoid it. I've found that sometimes my heart and lungs can handle the cardio, but it takes awhile for my tendons and ligaments to strengthen and I end up with pain if I increase time/intensity too quickly. YES - as you lose weight it gets MUCH easier!! I notice a difference in just 10lbs. The pressure on my hips and knees drops a lot. I think the rule is something like don't increase more than 20% per week? Walking is great for you. You could try the elliptical and see if you like that. I am not sure that I would wait to increase your frequency until you lose more weight, because I think you'll get more results from frequent low intensity than you will medium intensity just a time or two a week.

Maybe don't put so many rules around it - just walk more often and add the strength training and see how you feel. You can always change it.

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I totally agree with beachbreeze! Strength training wont bulk you up- and walking can be great! Be careful with those joints and maybe experiment with some different options for cardio that will be easier on your joints (swimming or elliptical)

Strength training to "bulk" up requires very intense training and a very specific nutrition plan. NOBODY bulks up by accident- it takes a lot of effort to bulk, especially for women.
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It's absolutely worth it. However, be aware it's probably best to do the weights before the walk. You'll be less likely to hurt yourself..
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Originally Posted by Ready2Lose2013 View Post
3x week strength training with a walk before hand - as I lose weight and my knees feel better I will upgrade to higher intensity cardio/more frequent cardio.

How does that sound? Is it even worth doing strength training, or will that just make me bulk up?
There is a book called rehab your knees which actually WANTS you to do strength exercises (although those are isometric) and WANTs you to walk. You don't honestly need to ever go high impact and may never be able to. Strength training is great for your body. You should definitively incorporate it in your life!
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A great way to get in your cardio is by swimming!! And with the proper equipment... water weights, etc.. you can even work in some strength training. I am limited in what I can do because of a hip problem, but can do some very intense workouts in the pool. I especially enjoy it with a snorkel, and just ordered an underwater iPod.

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