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Default Work out ideas for post op?

I had an ectopic pregnancy 5 weeks ago and had to have emergency surgery. Because of complications and general healing time, I was unable to do anything that used my ab muscles. Now, I am starting to feel better, but cannot work out like I did a few months ago (4 days hard cardio, 3 full body circuit training). I gained weight since Oct (the constant tiredness now makes sense and the last month of non-activity and the blues) due to lack of weights.

Does anyone have any ideas for specific exercises that are still good, but aren't so hard on the abs?

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Hi Sheramama,

So sorry about your surgery, can't imagine what you are going through.

I had scheduled surgery this week for a D&C (I'm not pregnant, they do it for gyno-cancers to check the tumors). Even though my surgery was very minor compared to what you went through, I had a list of instructions on what I could or couldn't do and for how long. I believe it's first because of the anesthesia and being knocked out but then also because of all the internal trauma that goes on.

Have you had your follow-up appointment with your doctor/surgeon yet? Or maybe you can get in touch with the nurse for advisement?

I know this isn't a helpful answer but I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself worse. My doctor told me not to exercise for a whole 7 days but I did a bit, not as intense as before the surgery though.

Good luck with your recovery, I hope you find a plan that works for you.
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Whenever I have had surgery, I have asked my doctors for very specific instructions on what I could or could not do, and then followed them to a T. I'd suggest you check in with your drs and ask.
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My doctor just said, don't move those abs for 6 weeks. Which is nearly impossible to do anything and not work them. But, I am going to try today to do some modified work outs to avoid injury and the fact I am now pretty out of shape. Good luck to me lol.

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I'd suggest walking for now, so you can ease back into exercising and strengthening your muscles. It's important not to over work your abs. Many patients with abdominal surgery start off walking around the house, then walking outside for 10 minute increments several times a day and slowly increasing the duration. If you do too much too soon you will be worse off than before. Don't feel shy calling the DR! Ask for specific suggestions on what you should do to ease back into working out after the 6 wks has past. I hope you feel better soon!

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Definitely walking. I had major surgery last year, the type where I was in hospital for 5 weeks and then told to do no more than "light exercise" for 3 months after and "no weights/lifting" for 6 months. Walking is definitely one of the light exercises you can do. If you don't have a "no weights" restriction from your doctor, you can even walk with weights to bump up your exercise. If you can't go out because of the weather, there are walking dvds (Leslie Sansone) that are great. You may also be able to bike/cycle.

Regarding fitness, don't fret. I didn't run for like 4 months post-surgery and I was able to pick it up again pretty quickly within a couple of weeks. You'll be alright and back to your former strength before you know it. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time these past few weeks. Stay strong! You're definitely in my thoughts.
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