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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Multiple Day Sore Muscles

Sorry this is going to be wordy!

I went to a fitness class on Wednesday. It was a 30 minute class, we did all sorts of exercises - lunges, running on the spot, some yoga, pilates, etc. Never stopped moving, but you could go at your own pace, which I am glad for cause 1) I have a heart condition and 2) I haven't done a calss like that since, um, high school? lol

It was a great workout. I really liked it. It's just once a week, and I thought it was perfect to add to my daily walking/elliptical routine.

But OMG I was sore! And not, oh a little sore, the burn is worth it. Like, seriously sore. I could barely move. Advil and heating pad sore. And I am still sore today! I am much better today, Thursday and Friday were killer, but still! I went to the gym Thursday night to do the treadmill, thinking it might help, and it SO did not.

I know I was suppose to be sore, but it just seems like this is in excess. Everyone keeps telling me it will get a little better each time. But I can't be out of commision for 2-3 days each week!

Now I don't know what to do. Do I go again Wednesday? Do I try and do the same exercises every day? Any tips or ideas?

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It does get better! I rarely have a really painful two day sore anymore - and when I do it's because I've done something completely different. I'd go back, it sounds like it's an awesome class.

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Maybe do extra stretching and a longer cool down. I get the most sore when I skip those steps. Plus forcing myself to workout while I am sore normally helps the muscles feel better too. Being super sore sucks. Sorry.
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I take a Bodyflow class on Sundays which is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Out of they different types of exercise I do all week this is the main exercise that I get sore from. I will have that sore feeling for days afterwards. Throw in lunges and running on the spot I can see how that might even make it longer. But keep going as long as it's not an injury type soreness. You will adapt to some of the exercises. I find I do but then if the routine gets mixed up a bit then I will get that soreness again which is good for me because I know it's working.
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It totally will get better. The first day is always the worst. There's just a lot of lactic acid in your muscles right now. Drink lots of water and try taking a magnesium supplement. It's a natural muscle relaxant.

As long as nothing is "burning" when you're not moving you're fine. So if you feel sore every time you move your legs that's cool...if your quad is burning when you are lying completely and not engaging it at all that could be a muscle strain.

I know it's hard, but I think it's awesome you did that class and we've all been there. I'm sure it will be much better this week. And moving the muscles will help move out some of the lactic acid by getting blood flowing, so try not to sit still for too long. Hang in there!
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