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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Started walking is this a good start?

I am back on track and trying to lose weight. My short term weight lose is 50 lbs before the end of July. (My family is going on a trip to Walt Disney World) I am not a very active person, but I want to be able to walk around and be comfortable. So while counting calories I have started walking, I am starting slow 20 minute walks a day. (It's cold outside lol) I also have a Kinect that has dance games on it, I was going to add that for 30 mins on the weekend. (Trust me that makes you sweat, but it is fun) Today was kinda nice out so I decided to do an extra 20 min walk, towards the end of it my legs felt like weights and I wasn't for sure if I was gonna make it home. lol Is this all normal? And is this a good start? I figure I can keep adding distance and time on walks. Does it matter how slow I walk? Thanks

I think they feel heavy (my legs) cause I am not use to walking a lot..

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I don't know about the legs feeling like weights or about how slow you walk but....

YAY YOU!!!! Starting a walking plan is awesome! Do what you can, you have to build up your stamina and let your body get used to it.

When i started out, I couldn't walk 3 house lengths on my street. Now I can lap my mile round street like nobody's business! There are still days that I can't do it for whatever reason so I walk shorter lengths multiple times so the walk home isn't far if I have to stop sooner than later.

I'm so happy for you, this is a big step in your plan (no pun intended!)!!
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Walking is my first form of excersise as well, i'm doing 25-30 minutes 4X a week on the treadmill. I'm a slow walker as well, but my Dr. told me dont worry about speed just keep my routine and speed and distance will come in time, Right now my biggest setback is my legs and what must be shin splints, My body wants to keep going but my legsjust want to fall off and die, I guess muscles are starting to form,, Hmm any ones guess, but keep up the good work
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Walking is a fantastic start! Way to go! (And yeah, I agree, it's definitely getting cold out again. The 40s and 50s were nice while they lasted!)
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Any amount of exercise is better than none. Start slow and build your endurance. Good luck!!!

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Walking is a great way to start!! Don't worry about distance, speed and time spent it will get better as you get fitter...

As for the heavy legs, my take on that is that you're legs were just tired because of the extra exercise, that's it... Keep up the great work
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Walking is one of those neglected exercises. People want to rush right past walking and right into running. There is no need for that.

Walk to challenge yourself, but listen to your body. Heavy legs means working legs, sharp painful legs means STOP and let them heal.

Starting slow and steady allows your bones and your muscles to adapt. Pushing too much too fast often results in injuries which holds you up even longer than if you would have just started slow.

When I started, I would huff and puff when I crossed the parking lot. Now I can do a mile in under 14 minutes. (last recorded fastest mile was 13:54). My average heart rate for that mile was 148 - totally in the aerobic zone and I'm been exercising regularly for 2 years now and walking is STILL a good aerobic exercise.

My personal trainer also uses walking as her main form of outdoor exercise (she also does pilates and other strength work) and she is trim and strong - and a WALKER.

So walk on and enjoy it!

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Checkout couch to 5k. Many people only use this for jogging/running however its much more versatile. You can use the training but instead of walk run you can do it as walk faster than normal and walk a little slower than normal. After the 9 weeks youll be able to walk at the quicker pace for 35mins.
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