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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Smile Weight Loss Exercise Program

Weight Loss Exercise Program

When it comes down to getting serious with a weight loss exercise program, the thing that you do not want to do is to start with the latest fad or go with the latest myths about the best way to lose weight. Chances are better than excellent that these new-found fads or myths are just that – a fad or a myth that is not based on scientific or medical fact but are geared towards the people who are desperate to lose weight quickly and are willing to pay for a useless report to tell them how to do just that.

The truth of the matter about any real weight loss exercise program is that the tips and direction provided in the program must be based on reality, not simply based on what the reader wants to hear. And you may not want to hear this either but the reality of it is that to lose weight, it is going to take time and effort on your part. After all, you did not put on those extra pounds in a couple of days or a couple of weeks, right? That is not to say that it will take you 10 to 20 years to take the weight off and more importantly, to KEEP it off, but anybody that tells you that you can lose the weight in a couple of days or a couple of weeks is just feeding you what you probably want to hear, and it will not work consistently or if it does work, as soon as you go off that rigorous program, the weight will come back, and believe me, it will come back in spades.

A Healthy Diet Is An Integral Part Of A Weight Loss Exercise Program

It should come as no surprise to anybody that a healthy diet is an integral part of any weight loss exercise program worth considering. It is not the only part but there are many parts to a healthy program that is designed to be effective, and what you eat is clearly one of those parts. This does not mean that you are going to be relegated to eating rabbit food for the next few years, because although that may appear to help, that method is not healthy for you overall and is going to eventually cause you many more problems that those extra pounds are causing you.

One of the main approaches to a healthy diet is portion control. Do you really need 2 or 3 helpings of mashed potatoes, seconds on dessert, a couple of candy bars in the middle of the day, and all the other unhealthy things that you consume? I am not pointing fingers because I used to be exactly the same way, and then I would wonder why I had such a hard time losing any weight. Well duh, if you really look at what has become your normal routine, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that you are doing some things wrong in terms of diet.

Of course no discussion about weight control would be complete without a discussion about a healthy diet. If you have existed on this planet for any amount of time, you already know that while portion control is a key component of diet, you need to also be very aware of what you are eating. Using portion control for a diet of potato chips, candy bars and ice cream is not going to help you at all. As I said earlier, this does not mean you need to limit yourself to rabbit food, but to simply be SMART about what you are eating. For many people, this may involve a change in habits that have taken years to develop and need to be “unlearned”. A reasonable portion of lean meats (beef, chicken, fish) plus vegetables plus a reasonable portion of potatoes or similar starch would be fine, will not have you leaving the table hungry, and will be a tremendous help for you in terms of overall health as well as your goal of wanting to lose weight. In fact, there is nothing wrong with also having dessert with a meal, as long as you exercise portion control and are reasonable about it.

For many people, they have become so used to eating a meal to the point where they are actually uncomfortable when they leave the table, this may seem to psychologically be “insufficient” for a meal. Note that this is largely psychological, not a real hunger. So for many people, it may be a better idea to eat FIVE reasonable meals per day, rather than the standard 3 meals per day. Again, use portion control for those meals and do not snack on garbage food between meals, but this may help if you have gotten too comfortable with consistently eating to excess at every meal.

You also need to remember when eating to think twice about a super helping of something or before you get that second helping of something. It is a well known scientific fact that it takes about 30 minutes for the message from your stomach that “I am full” to get to your brain, and more often than not, a glass of water will satisfy any remaining hunger pangs that may still linger after a meal.

One last word about diet if your goal is losing weight: avoid foods that are hard to digest and avoid fried foods. In place of fried food, order it grilled, broiled, or boiled but avoid fried. As far as foods that are hard to digest, this would include foods such as donuts and bagels which are notoriously difficult to digest in most cases. Also, drink a LOT of water. That does not include coffee where most caffeinated drinks are also a diuretic. Diuretics are drugs or compounds that increase the rate of urination, where diuretics also increase the excretion of water from the body. In other words, a diuretic in effect “drys you out”, and eliminating water from your body is not helpful when losing weight is your goal.

The Exercise Component of a Weight Loss Exercise Program

Many people think that in terms of using exercise to accomplish a weight loss goal, “obviously” the greater the intensity of the exercise, the quicker and faster the weight loss will occur. This is not necessarily the case, and is a classic example of where the topic of weight loss and proper diet go hand in hand. Let’s look a bit closer at that statement.

The popular thinking is that low intensity exercise and training is the best method to use to burn fat. The reason for this is because this permits the body to use oxygen and fat to fuel the effort of the low intensity training exercises. The low intensity “zone” is where your heart rate is at about 65% of your maximum heart rate threshold during your exercising. Your maximum heart rate can be computed as being roughly 220 beats per minute minus your age, so if you are 40 years old, your maximum heart rate would be approximately 220 minus 40 or 180 beats per minute. Exercising at this level for about 30 minutes will burn about 300 calories, depending on your weight, which is the level that has been set as the standard amount to be burned to control your weight.

But the issues with this approach and train of thought is that while you are burning fat with the low intensity training program, also watching what you eat, this also burns protein which is the primary muscle building component. You clearly do not want to burn muscle and fat at the same time because that is not your desired goal and will also slow your overall metabolism which will make you feel sluggish. Rather, you want to BUILD and TONE muscle as part of your weight loss exercise program while you are also burning fat.

The up side of building and toning muscle as part of your exercise program is that it will speed up your metabolism which is the speed at which your body processes the food you eat, and therefore while building muscle you can also be burning fat.

The Best Approach to a Weight Loss Exercise Program

Various medical and scientific studies have demonstrated that if you COMBINE your low intensity exercise routines with period of high intensity training, it will produce faster weight loss and also be good for the building and toning of various muscle groups. This combination of low and high intensity exercise routines is known as interval training, where those same studies have shown that it is possible to burn as much as 6 times the amount of fat compared to simple low intensity only training, even if you can achieve the ideal heart rates for an extended period of time.

If you haven’t been to the gym or health club in a while, start easy. If you overdo it and strain some muscles that haven’t been used in a long time, your desire to repeat the exercise routines at the health club will be severely diminished. The ideal scenario would be to start with the low intensity routines for maybe 10 minutes, followed by a short rest period of a couple of minutes, then 2-3 minutes of a high intensity training exercise, followed by again a short rest or recovery period of a couple minutes. Again if this is new territory for you, then increase the length of the recovery period to where you can do this comfortably without feeling strained. Then as they say, rinse and repeat but again, but careful do not overdo it, especially if your own assessment of your physical fitness level might honestly be on a low side. In fact, it is probably an excellent idea to check with your doctor before you embark on an exercise routine.

Many people like to use a gym or health club for their exercise routines. In the south, this allows them to accomplish their routines while not in blistering heat in the summer, or in the north, to do their routines without worrying about the bitter cold of winter. But if you don’t want to join a gym or health club, you can still do this. Typically, the most effective methods to use this interval training as described above would be jogging, riding a bike, and using a stationary exercise bike.

Keeping Weight Off Permanently With A Weight Loss Exercise Program

Of course your goal would be to keep the excess weight off permanently as you start losing fat and building and toning muscle. This is why if you follow an effective diet religiously, many times the weight will return as soon as you go off the diet. It is important to know how the body works – as muscle tone starts to return, protein is replaced and you may actually see weight go UP temporarily. But this is MUSCLE weight, not fat weight, and at that point, people around you should be able to see the difference in you. The message here is NOT to rely on a scale as the sole measure of whether or not your weight loss exercise program is really working. The scale is only one measurement in your overall goal of becoming healthier.

The real key is to keep at it. You cannot just do exercise routines for a couple of weeks and then go back to an existence of daily low physical exertion. Get into the habit of exercising regularly and watching what you eat, and the weight will come off. But you need to realize that you are in this for the long run, and it’s not going to happen in the first week or couple of weeks. Endeavor to make this a “habit”, something that you do at least 3-4 times a week if not daily, and you WILL see results

Articl Source: bestfatburningexercises.eb2a.com/weight-loss-exercise-program

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