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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Zumba Exhilaration

I bought the Zumba Exhilaration dvd set. I got it for practically nothing because it was missing one of the dvds...happens to be the Exhilaration one. Anyone tried it out that can tell me if I can still enjoy the set without that dvd. I found the dvd on Ebay for like 20 dollars which still makes my set much cheaper than retail but I don't want to bother if the other dvd's provide just as good a workout. Thoughts?
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I just started Zumba today. I only have one DVD my mother gave me and it's the Zumba Live one that has the 55 minute workout and the 20 minute Killer Abs workout. Today was my first time doing it and I really enjoyed it! I only did 20ish minutes of the workout to get a feel for it, so I'm going to incorporate it into my routine twice a week.
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Talking Zumba Chick?

Hello Friends

Yes, I fail to post every day or every week. I guess I stay busy doing everything and nothing.

I am all better and have started back walking and doing ZUMBA. The first class was an eye opener,

I thought I would pass out. My excitement had been over the top and I was ready for anything.I was feeling pretty good and more than ready to start my new adventure on my way to reach my weightloss goals. The music started and the instructions begin, wow! this is fun!

Following along was not so difficult and I was doing pretty darn good. Ok, now we are 15 minutes into Zumba and I am sweating, panting and finding it a little more difficult to keep up and BREATH! Then the music and moves slow down and with a few deep breaths I thought we were more than half way through my first workout. Then with a few stretches the instructor said “great job”!! Now that was the warmup and lets begin!! It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I was more out of shape than I imagined. Now my breathing was much harder and energy lagging. I was thiristy, sweaty, heart racing, pounding and I could barely speak. I felt like a football player in a ballet class. My butt felt like it weighed 50 pounds all by it’s self, my legs cramped, the belly flap up and down and my arms could have made a great pair of bat wings. The boobs….No I won’t even go there. Now it 25 more minutes into Zumba heaven and I am still standing, oh ya, breathing. I am wringing wet with sweat and I am on FIRE! Its so hot and my cloths, I just want to rip off. Please does anyone have some ice? Finally the cool down starts and the stretching combined with relaxing deep breaths starts to bring my heart rate back down. The music slows and wait for it, wait for it! The class is through. I made it!! I didn’t have a heart attack and guess what?

I LOVED IT!! I am hooked. What a workout and what a high. I feel wonderful and I know if I stick with I will loose or be dead.


"LOSING weight is Hard"
"Being FAT is HARD".......Pick your HARD.
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