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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Too Much Cardio?

So I was talking with a friend of mine about my exercise plans and her response was "You are doing way to much cardio at one time".

On Tu/Th, I generally do some variation of this routine

40 Min Arc Trainer or Elliptical
20-30 Min Stationary Bike (Leisurly)
10 Min Rowing
15 Min Stair Climber
20 Min Treadmill (3.7 - 5.0 Speed)

All of that comes out to around 1.45 hours.

I have a personal trainer that I work with once a week (going to twice soon) for weights so I am not neglecting them. Additionally, I do between 60-75 min of cardio on M/W.

But...is my friend right? Am I doing too much cardio at one time on Tu/Th?
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That depends on how you're feeling after your cardio. Are you so exhausted that you can't even think straight? That's probably too much cardio. But if you aren't even tired then that's too little cardio.

Think about it this way. Back in high school, my track coach would make us run almost constantly from 2:30 - 5. Now that was a LOT of cardio but I never felt better than after a day at practice. It all depends on you but to me it seems like you're doing fine. Whatever works for you all our bodies are different
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I agree with above poster - only you can answer that - which is why it is SO annoying when friends etc. chime in on things they know nothing about.

I walk 3 miles to/from work every day but that's not my cardio workout. My
co-worker rides her bike to/from work 12 miles - that's not her cardio because for both of us, that's not nearly enough. For others, a 12 mile bike ride or 3 mile walk is more than they usually do. Everyone is different.

You have to work it out based on your current activity level. You can also play around with it. Instead of 1.5 hours some days, if you want, try to go as hard/fast as you can for half the amount of time rather than liesurly so you switch it up. Honestly, if you feel good and you're seeing the results you want, I definitely don't think it's too much, esp. if you're also weight lifting.

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I tend to feel that people who say things like this are (unintentionally) jealous of your motivation.

I have nights where I feel like I am going to die so I just quit. Your body will tell you.

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