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Question Killing My Feet! Any advice?

Im 6 feet and 330. I began walking since I quit my job and started college. I got through many obstacles like heavy pain in my shins and my calfs by keeping at it. I began at 355-360 when I left my "sitting"job. I mean literally as in sitting in a chair for 8 hours staring at 2 vending machines, I won't even mention double shifts, the amount of soda and junk I ate. Now I am changing my diet for the healthier one a day at a time.

The only problem left now is my feet. The first day I started to walk I came home with blisters on both feet. After a while they subsided because I would walk 30 minutes to my college and take the strain off the feet until its time to return. Now I am done with my courses for the time being but I am still walking daily. I am trying to expand my distance but its becoming impossible. I put on sweat socks and sneakers and I go, after 40 minutes or so I begin to feel my feet begin to sweat and I know im in trouble. The moment they start to sweat the pressure of my weight begins blistering the bottom on my feet so after an hour tired or not I have to stop otherwise I will come home with bloody feet and I will be out of commission for 2 days or so.

Any advice?
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I love, love, love ENGO blister patches. They don't go on your feet; they go inside your shoes at the spots where you typically get blisters. I wear them in my hiking boots, and I haven't had a blister since I started using them. They last for months. Unfortunately I haven't found them locally, so I buy them from www.goengo.com . Keep walking!

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Look for "wicking" socks. They are made of fabric that draws the sweat away from your skin. You could try wearing a thin sock liner under your regular socks - some people find that helps. It may also be that your shoes aren't fitting properly. Finally, moleskin is my secret weapon for spots that I know are going to rub. I use it with dress shoes and am comfy all day.
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I don't know about for blisters, but for other foot pain, my physiotherapist has me keep a bottle of water in the freezer. I stick it in a sock and then roll my feet on it. This was very helpful for plantar fasicitis (?sp). Really good shoes and socks are a must. I paid what seemed like a fortune to me for my walking shoes but they make all the difference in the world.
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i was wearing cheap sneakers to run in...probably sneakers that werent even meant for running to start with lol....i would bandage my blisters before a workout and leave them uncovered at night to heal...i also used moleskin over the bandages to keep them from getting worse during a workout...some blisters hurt so bad that i couldnt hardly walk but i'd patch it up and still run as much as i could stand it...i finally invested in a better pair of running shoes, not expensive or top-notch by any means, but better than my older sneakers were...and i have not gotten a blister since

so maybe look for better shoes....my old bad sneakers were walmart-cheap variety...and my "upgrade" was running shoes from Payless....so i wasn't exactly going high-end, professional sports etc...and it still made a WORLD of difference
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I agree with getting better shoes. I do great at Khols and dept stores bc they have deceny sales on name brands. Also try a gel insert. A friend of mine swears by them.

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Ditto to moisture wicking socks. They're not cheap, but they make a world of difference. Check out Coolmax or Smartwool. You may want to try liner socks with them, too.

If you can afford around $100 for new sneakers, I highly recommend going to a running store for a sneaker fitting. They will watch how you walk, measure your feet, address your particular foot concerns, and let you really walk around in the shoes before you buy.

Good luck and don't give up!

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Go get fitted at good athletic shoe store.

If you are having these kinds of issues, you really can't afford to NOT have quality shoes (and socks) on your feet.

My craptastic Nikes destroyed my toes ... I had runner's toes from walking. (I've lost 1 toenail and 2 more are on there way out.) After getting fitted at a New Balance store, I went from having shin splints and various foot aches (and only being able to do 2 miles max) to 4-5 miles a day & no shin splints.

Best thing I ever did was get professionally fitted by someone who knew what the heck they were doing & listened to my concerns.

Good luck!
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1) Wicking socks.

2) Check your sneaker cushion status. I am 260 neighborhood and need to change every 6 mos. The outside of the shoe looks fine, but the cushioning is shot. Walking is 1.5x your weight of pressure on your feet.

3) Check your sneaker SIZE too -- I take a size larger in sneaks than in street shoes.

Do you over/under pronate? High arches or flatter? Are you in the right shoe last? Learn the lingo and get a fitting. Alternative lacing can help fine tune a fit but the better the fit from the get go is better. Fine tune lacing can only go so far.




I know good sneakers cost money, but you pay it up front for health feet or you pay it later in health costs of unhealthy feet.

Started Jan 2016:
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I second the person ^ who said New Balance shoes. If you search the web for shoes for people with feet problem they are the brand most often recommended. If you can't afford the professional fitting and shoes at the New Balance store...they have NB at Kohl's (percent off sale plus a printable coupon) and Shoe Carnival (BOGO sales.) Thinner socks made of the breathable/dry weave/wicking material should help, too.
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Good shoes and soxes make a HUGE diffence! The soxes will cost 12 to 15 just wash them out they wear along time wear them just for running.I have a millon foot issue good shoes are imperitive!
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great tips! right now my poor little feet are covered in blisters since I started walking..
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