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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Are some people just not made to run?

So I have been walking since mid Feb. I can do two miles in about 40 mins. I suffer from fibromyalgia, so I can't push it too much. Anyway, last week I started walking 5 mins, jog 1 min, walk 5, jog 1, etc. I am finding it hard to jog. I can only do 1 minute of jogging! That stinks! Does it take a long time to build up to jogging? I am 39 and never really jogged in my life, just really active as a child. I really would love to jog at least a mile. HA..I get to outta breath and my legs start to hurt. Anyone else out there that can't jog?? I can't be the only one.
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Don't know the answer but I started the C25K running program 3 weeks ago. The first week we ran/jogged for 1 minute, walked 1 minute. It was soooo hard and challenging. Then, the second week I walked for 90 sec., ran for 90 sec. I was surprised that after doing the 1 minute, the 90 sec run felt better and my body became acclimated. This morning, I started week 3 which included a 3 minute run and surprisingly....it felt pretty good. I thought I was going to die with the 1 minute.

I don't know if medical conditions can complicate running. However, for me, I found that with time my 1 minute became easier, and then my 90-second, etc. Hope this helps....Cheering you on!

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Well if you're just starting of course it's gonna be hard. I can go for an entire mile - which takes me about 13 minutes give or take depending on where I am when I do it (treadmill vs. outdoors) - but I couldn't when I first started and it's still difficult for me now. When I first began, I think I'd be able to go maybe two minutes before I was like fuuuu.

But of course, something like fibromyalgia could make it worse so that's a hard question to answer.

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I think that as long as your doctor has no objections to you running, it is up to you. If it's something you enjoy and want to stick with, give it a couple of months. If you don't really like it, try something else. I think it's important to let your body build up to longer distances/time and don't compare yourself to anyone else because we are all different.

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I don't know about fibro but for anyone who has not been running it can be very taxing.

Over time your endurance will improve. The balance is pushing yourself hard enough so your body will continue adapatations but not pushing yourself so hard that you injure yourself.

As an FYI - brisk walking is for practical purposes as good as running for your health. It burns less calories but not by a huge number. It is much less taxing on your body though.

The important thing is if you're planning on doing a good amount of running/walking is to take care of your feet. One area people skimp is getting the right shoes. You really need to make sure you have a good fit. There are many good shoes but your foot is not going to fit as well into every shoe so I suggest going to a running store where an expert can help you find the right brand/shoe for your foot.
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definitely DEFINITELY the shoes!

spend the money!

the shoe you need for jogging is not the same shoe you need for walking. if you have walking shoes, they're wrong for jogging and you'll suffer (although you can walk fine in jogging shoes).

also, make sure the sole's not worn down - if they're worn, you need a new pair. your shoes are like your mattress - a foundation for the rest of your life. mess that up and the problems go all the way up the structure.

don't think that bec it's slower, it's easier than running - jogging's a very harsh treatment of the body. it counts as high-impact exercise for bone-building purposes. you'd almost be better off to give straight-out running a try isntead.

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I can't really run, but honestly I hate it anyway. I love weights, so that's what I do. If you really want to be a runner, build up slowly and give it a shot. You'll never know unless you try! But if you're just doing it because that's what you're "supposed" to do to be healthy, find something else that you love an do that instead.
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Wow, thanks for the feedback!
I think for right now I will stick with brisk walking...mixed in with a little jogging. If brisk walking burns almost as must calories as jogging without the impact on the joints, that sounds good to me. I see people jogging though and say, wow, I wish I could do that. lol.
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I genuinely thought I was one of those not made to run. I was really disappointed by it too, because it's one of those things I always wanted to do. I've tried and failed a number of times.

Previously I tried to 'learn' to run without doing any other exercise to complement it and when my general fitness was terrible.

This time I've been working on cardio and strength at the gym for two months previous to taking on the challenge. I've also read up a lot on interval running, the couch to 5KM (C25K) programme and breathing and running techniques.

Annnnndddddddd I'm happy to report, I'm starting to have some success. I can now run for 8 minutes straight, and am confident I'll continue to build on that, using my own modified version of C25K.

I know everyone is different, and I'm not saying because I can, everyone can. But, I wanted to give you my (on the way to being a) success story

If you decide to keep on with it, good luck! And take a look on the exercise board, there are lots of C25K posts on tehre with valuable info
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I've never enjoyed jogging/running, so I always did interval walking (which was suggested by a fitness trainer) -- that is walking regular, then brisk walking, back and forth, just like you were doing with the running.

Try it, I think you'll like it much better ...
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I can't run. I've tried. Was in a fitness class and we had to run around the block. Well. It was all I could do to get my feet off the ground. I'm 5'8", was about 195 lbs or so then so not that overweight. I talked with my chiro and he said "I just cannot see you as a running person" because of my back and hip issues. I dont' think running is for every 'body'. Talk with your dr.
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You do have to build up to running, especially if you aren't in great cardiovascular condition. It's easier for some body types than others, of course, but you can become a runner eventually, if you want to. Just keep adding jogging intervals into your walks and you'll find that it starts to get easier over time. Good luck!

I hate running, personally, but I do it because it's the most effective cardio for me when it comes to weight loss. I also lift weights regularly, which helps with muscle tone for when the fat comes off.
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there are a lot of misconceptions about running. It is worth it to look at begin to run books for some information but then do everything way more slowly because of your fibro (and i mean way more slowly). In general i think most people can run but most of us are never going to be speedy or be signing up for marathons.

you do need comfortable shoes but the resarch shows that it is the pair of running shoes that you find most comfy (and not based on any foot type) that is the most helpful.

start slowly. It might be that running for a whole minutes is too much in the beginning. I started out with 30 seconds, then walking till i was recovered from the effort and then running again. I would do that 4-5 times. Then i started adding 15 seconds and then adding another interval. I also didn't do it every day, i did it 3-4 times a week. I have to say it took me a really, really long time to move from run-walk to running, but my personal mantra is no injuries.

Over time I've been able to increase my mileage so that i now run half marathons. What i love about running is that it is a quick bang for the buck for cardio fitness. It helps fight osteoperosis and you can do it anywhere anytime. I run in rain and snow and although i can't say i love it, i can say that it has really helped to improve my health

good luck!
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Originally Posted by Blueberries View Post
I can't really run, but honestly I hate it anyway. I love weights, so that's what I do.
Same for me. I hate running almost as much as I hate yoga (god I hate yoga), but I've loved working with weights.
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In you position, I think I'd concentrate on building up walking speed and endurance before worrying about running.
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