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Barefoot running?

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Default Barefoot running?

Any barefoot runners out there? Or minimal shoe people?

How do you find it?
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is super awesome.
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I run on my treadmill barefoot... Outside I use Vibram Fivefingers, tho. I love it... only thing that doesn't hurt my high arches.
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I tried running barefoot on the beach yesterday, and it was fine...I say running I only started this week! Run 1 min walk 1 min!

I limp, but I limp a lot less with no shoes on. Interesting. I shall have to look in the the five fingers. I wonder if we can get them here.
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I run minimalist in my Fila Skeletoes. I LOVE them! I don't even like wearing regular sneaks for a trip to Walmart anymore!!

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Running for my life
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I also run in Vibrams and Skeletoes both. I used to have various injuries, but not anymore. Start out slowly and wear them a little more and a little more. There is a guy in our running group who runs marathons with totally bare feet. He ran in the freezing cold and rain with me without shoes for 26.2 miles. I don't know how he does it. I'm a little too chicken for shoeless, but I respect those who can.
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I can get Merrell pace gloves here, so I am going to give those a try.

Milmin......a barefoot marathon?! I am very impressed! After the first Christmas quake I ran barefoot as fast as I could to get my son. It was on Tarmac, and he was in the next street. I ended up with blisters on both feet. It was silly, but I was barefoot in the front of the house, and I didn't even think, I was running as soon as I could stand up again!

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you might be interested in this instructable - much cheaper than the shoes:


my daughter - the one who lost 80lbs in less than 4mo - *loves* barefoot running. she runs pretty much every day.

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It's my understanding that the minimal shoe promotes healthy foot-striking. I don't do the 5 toe thing, but I do have a minimal shoe that I love love love. I just posted about it in another thread, in fact.

Not going by anything scientific, here, but the minimal shoe thing seems more like a seasoned veteran trend.

Has anyone ever heard anything bad about it? How about for beginner?

Also to note, going totally barefoot, one risks the obvious foot trauma like stepping on something sharp, but one also risks major exposure to things that cause plantar warts.

I don't wish those on anyone!
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Here to Learn
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I read an article last week that Jillian Michaels posted in her blog. She recommends that anyone trying the barefoot running thing start slow and focus on re-learning how to run. The reason why is that people who run in shoes typically strike with their heel first. People that run barefoot (or in barefoot type shoes like 5 Fingers) need to strike with their toes first. She said that there are people significantly injuring their feet by continuing to land on the heel of their foot and it puts too much stress on their heel.

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I am only starting out running (week 2 this week) so thankfully i don't have to relearn how to run! Also I can build up slowly...because I have to anyway.

I run totally barefoot on a beach at the moment (I happen to live on a beach) but I dont want to run barefoot on streets etc, there is just too much glass.
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@autodidact - cool name - i'm one, too!
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I tried running barefoot once, and I jsut can't do it. Too much impact on the soles of the feet, I think. They hurt :[

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I started running barefoot on my treadmill just to see how I liked it and I found that I like it much better than running with shoes. I always ran on my toes so when I started doing that it felt less awkward than running with shoes. (:

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The shoes, eh, whatever. They're the current running fad; there's always at least one type of thingie (shoe, accessory, garment) that we "have to have."

The marketing really sticks in my throat.

And I say that as a neutral forefoot-striking runner (i.e., someone with the strike and foot usage that these things are supposed to encourage).
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