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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Be MY trainer!

I was thinking this may be sort of a fun idea. I'm in my 40's, my weight is in my ticker, and I DO NOT MOVE. Well, I move to like, get a glass of water or do laundry or walk upstairs to take a shower. but, my dr. says I am fine to exercise and I NEED to do SOMETHING!

One of my personal struggles is having someone to cheer me on, encourage me. My family is supportive but no one knows what it's like to be 300+ pounds and trying to start an exercise program . I'm sure there are other people here in the same boat, and some of you may be willing to take some of us under your wing and get us started on a new and healthy path!

So, what's involved? All participants agree to make a one month commitment. Mentees will list their goals, equipment, and any other issues they have. Mentors will tell them how to get started, any tips they have, and check in on occasion to see how their trainees are doing.

MENTEES, if someone is willing to take the time out to offer advice, please be prepared to follow their guidance! You should be cleared for exercise and committed to it for one month!

MENTORS, you won't get any financial compensation, but maybe you feel like helping someone and offering advice and encouragement in hopes it will make a difference

So anyone interested? I thought we could list our info and hook up with each other

I will start: I am sedentary, cannot run yet, have access to seven pound free weights, a ten pound kettlebell, walking shoes, an Xbox kinect with various fitness/dance games. I don't belong to a gym yet. I'm looking for a mentor who started out roughly like me ( I have different abilities than someone who started at 150 pounds) I'm willing to work out between 5-7 days a week.

Anyone else wanna do this?
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honestly Sugar? At your starting weight, WALKING IS BY FAR going to be the best option for you, right now. Focus on diet 100% to see fat loss, and increase your daily caloric burn with walking. Commit to walking as far as you can, MOST days. Doesnt need to be a power walk. Not trying to offend or upset, but at your starting weight, doing anything MUCH more intense puts you at a high risk for joint damage/pain. Mobility is goingto be a big factor as well, and without proper mobility strength training is not a great idea.
And FYI, walking is one of the BEST things you can do for fitness, AT ANY SIZE I can give you some mobility work to start doing, and i believe you will be amazed at the results... mobility isnt static stretching. It is more DYNAMIC stretching, and will improve your flexibility, range of motion, ability to recover and reduce overall inflammation in joints and muscles. Once a mobility routine is established and youre seeing/feeling the results, then its time to add in the resistance training.
But for now--> focus 100% on your diet (FAT LOSS IS ALL ABOUT DIET) and focus on getting more MOVEMENT into your day, on a regular basis (through regular walking, mobility work, and increasing your NEAT (non exercise activities). Things like parking further away, doing laundry, preparing and cooking a meal instead of popping something in the microwave. You would be AMAZED at the increase in daily caloric burn just by doing these things... even browsing longer in the stores, window shopping, it ALL ADDS UP. HUGE. You can go from burning, lets just say 2000 cals a day in a sedentary, office job lifestyle, to upwards of over 3000k if you have a busy, on your feet a lot kind of Saturday. And thats without ANY exercise.

Seriously though, walking is a best fit for you. I dont know how far you can walk right now, but you will QUICKLY see your stamina improving. QUICKLY. Is it possible to dedicate time to walking and mobility *most* days of the week? i have no idea what your daily schedule is, but i can help you find the time. Even if you break the walks up into two or 3 walks (of 10 -20 minutes each)

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Make a soup and have it before every meal.
3 tomatoes
1 onion
Cabbage size of onon
Carrots 2 big ones
Beet root 1/4
Ginger if you like 1/4 th of an inch
Pressure cook every thing
And puree them add salt, pepper
And have it warm if you like warm.
This will reduce your apititeand you will get enough fiber.

Drink lots of water, your weight loss will be faster.
If you follow this, let me know I will tell you some more ideas.
Do not go overboard with exercise, else you will get hurt.

Drop at least 50 pounds with diet and then introduce work out.
Mean time you can start walking say 5 to 10 minutes a day.
Ginger if you like
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Thumbs up

I agree with everyone else. Do A LOT of walking and diet to work toward cardio. Maybe use some wrist weights while you walk. I lost 30 pounds just fast walking and watching what I ate a few years back...my Dad did the same just this last summer. There's also a forum for people that are 300+ so maybe they will have some other ideas too but by all means hang out here with us too!

Join us in the "Get Movin" thread.

Good luck!!

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