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Default best heartrate

I have started back at the gym, and I am doing a spin bike for 30 minutes.

I am really focused on losing weight first.

I got a heart rate meter and when I spin, I seem to be averaging around 135 bpm.

Someone told me that is too high, is that true?

What should my average be is I want to lose maximum weight?
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Well the most accurate way to find out your max heart rate is through clinical testing, but the generally accepted guideline is 220 - age (some also vary the calculation a little for women). You want to spend the bulk of your workout between 60% to 85% of your MHR, which you can figure out by multiplying that max heart range value by 0.60, and by 0.85 separately, and staying between those numbers.

But because these are very generic guidelines, you may find that you are more comfortable at higher or lower numbers. Really listening to your body is the most important thing. My brother is a young healthy guy and he's nearly blacked out a couple of times because he thought he had to bring his heart rate way up to get a "good" workout.

I wouldn't worry if someone else has a different average heart rate than you; there are so many explanations why someone might have a different number than yours.

I don't know if you are in a spin class or just using a spin bike on the exercise floor, but if it's the latter and you are dictating your own workout, start to incorporate short intervals at higher intensities. It generally burns more calories, helps your endurance, and keeps things a little more interesting than a steady state for 30 minutes.

Good luck!

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Punch in your age and voila!

Started Jan 2016:
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iTS GOOD Thanks
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I am 59 when I run mine is at a steady 165 to 176 on my weekly 5k. And a tiny bit lower on my 10k {onece a week}. I think it all depends on your conditioning. I have worked out the last few years {not running},and did not have HR moniter until I started running. It is the only thing that makes me sweat!
Here we go again
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