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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default What Do You Do On Those "Lazy" Days?

Hi Everyone!
Today has been one of those days where I just do not feel like moving very much. Every time my butt rises off the couch is a miracle. In fact I just finished getting dressed for my run, getting my shoes on, stretched out and stood on my treadmill staring at it hatefully for 10 minutes. At the end of that I stepped off my treadmill, put on my lounging clothes and sat on my couch. I know we all have these days occasionally, it happens and I will take it in stride. I am hoping I will get a spark of motivation or energy a little later that will get my butt working out and I plan on taking my dog for a nice long walk later on to but I still feel guilty for going against my routine.

What do you do on the days when your couch is your best friend?
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I love it when I want my couch and I know I've done well for several days and then I just give in and don't think about it. That is delicious. When I think motivation for the treadmill I think MUSIC! Do you need new music? A new playlist? A mini-challenge for yourself? Walk hills instead of race? Maybe take a couple of days off from treadmill work and take a yoga class or something, maybe you just need to go to the mall for a change of pace, get a new collar for your dog, new socks for yourself. Sometimes taking a little break from the same-ol-same-ol does wonders.
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I've definitely had days like that where I just don't feel like doing much of anything! Usually it results in me - similarly to what you described - getting decked out in my workout gear, hopping on the treadmill/popping in the workout DVD/getting set up with my weights for strength training only to give up a quarter through the workout.

It's frustrating. Usually the next day I'm much more energetic + willing to kick it back into gear.

SanityNow said it best: sometimes you just need to switch things up

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I think just about everyone has those days. Are you truly exhausted or are you just sick of working out? For me, if I ignore the days when I'm truly drained of energy, it leaves me vulnerable with my immune system and I end up getting sick. If I'm just bored and fed up with working out, I'll sometimes take a day off, but usually, I'll put my workout clothes on and lie to myself. Yep, I do. I tell myself that I"ll only do a quick 10 minutes, just to break a sweat, but it usually turns into a full workout and I end up feeling very proud of myself afterwards.
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I roll with it. I let myself have a couple of rest days in the middle of the week (weekends is when I go hardcore so mid-week is a good time for me to take it a bit easier). Towards the end of the week I usually do a nice soothing yoga DVD or go for a little walk (weather permitting of course). I try not to beat myself up if I don't hit my exercise goals for the week - I have to listen to my body, if I'm sore & tired from working out a couple days ago, ok, take a rest.

Sometimes, though, a little light workout is just what I need to loosen things up.

I do, however, try not to go more than 2 days without exercising, I start to get agitated anyway.

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