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Any gym quitters out there?

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Default Any gym quitters out there?

My favorite part of going to the gym is the steam room, and I think I'd get more from a hot yoga class closer to home. As it is now, I have to carry my stuff with me, travel like a half hour, deal with the lockers, etc. etc. I find the cardio machines boring. I've done the trainer route - they just knocked the stuffing out of me and cost me a lot of $$$.

Has anyone out there quit the gym and succeeded in getting buff?
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Hi there!
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Yep. I quit the gym because I don't have a car or access to public transportation, and so I have to walk or bike. That's very, very uncomfortable in the winter where I live.

So, I've been doing no-weight weight training and yoga from a free program on TV. My legs have gotten SO much more toned! I've had a lot of compliments on it. And my arms and shoulders are showing a lot of improvement too. This was only after a few weeks, too. So we'll see how it goes!

Good luck!
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I haven't "quit" but I frequent it less often now that it's cold out. I've actually lost more since I slowed down because I made up for it by cutting calories. You could probably get a decent "gym" going at home - small stuff that isn't insanely expensive.
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Leveling Up
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You can grab a lot of equipment online fairly cheap. I've got a pair of 12lb hand weights and a pair of 15s (the other one just came today!! I'm so excited!!) and I'm looking to get a pair of 20s. I paid $26 for the pair of 12s when they were on sale at Target and $36 for the pair of 15s online.

However, I wouldn't give up the gym entirely! Does your gym have group fitness classes? I find them much more motivating than going it alone or working with a personal trainer
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I don't get to the gym as much as I should because I have a baby at home! Half the time I'm too tired, sometimes he or my husband need mes, and sometimes I just feel guilty for leaving when he's in daycare all day and I don't get to see him! I need to make myself go in the mornings, but that would mean getting there at like 4:00 or 4:30, and I haven't succeeded in that yet.
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Hi guys, thank you for your replies. Glad to hear you've had successes at home, and sympathize with how tough it is to get over the barriers to getting to the gym. I haven't tried the classes yet, that actually may be the ticket. I'll give them a try.

Thanks again and good luck

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Here to Learn
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I'm thinking of quitting because I've been using home workout DVD's instead and never go to the gym any more. I figure if I quit I can save $24 a month, because I don't see myself going back any time soon. Everything I need I have at my house.

"A mistake is not failure but feedback. -Rod Gilbert"
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And you're doing great! On one hand, it's nice to have a gym to go to, but it does add up $$$ and turns out to be an expensive visit There are other things I enjoy doing...I used to Walk everywhere - and the fresh air is good for you. I just keep trying to make this work and I don't know why...
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I quit going to the gym because I hate going, and it doesn't make sense to me to continue doing something I detest when there are plenty of things I like. So instead I run outside and work on bodyweight exercise progressions at home. I wouldn't call myself buff, but I'm in better shape than I was before, and a lot happier.

Former maintainer, now losing again in 2014 after my second baby.
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Hmmmm. I don't know why I keep trying to make this gym thing work when there are other things that I enjoy. And nice body-types that are gotten by other means, like yoga, pilates, dance...
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say what?
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I am quitting my gym this month! I recently moved and my new gym just doesnt seem to do it for me. My old gym had me motivated to go there every day. Was a nice one with brand new machines, good digital tracking system and nice atmosphere. My new one is just old. And small. And everybody know eachother and I'm the only anti social one there that want to do her own thing. lol.

So, I am running more, I have handweights and a weight bench in the attic from my moms hubby with online routines + clips to see how it's done and I bought a twist stepper the other day. The stepper isn't a perfect machine for toning or anything but it gets my heartrate going and I can do it infront of the tv for an hour each evening. I am considering signing up for Yoga but it's so expensive, it's like 13 euro's a class. That's about 18 dollars. It feels expensive anyhow. My gym is only 30 euro's a month (45 dollars?)

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Philana, that stepper is a brilliant idea to make the most out of TV time. Classes here, from what I see, average about $20 - $22. There are some great yoga DVD's out there to supplement an occasional class.
Have a great day.
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Healthy choices
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The gym was great when I could walk to it. Back in my student days i would go after class because the gym was on my way home.

These days joining a gym means I need to either drive or catch the earliest bus to the one near my office. The campus gym was cheap (as was the local YMCA) but private gyms are pricey and the extra effort required to get there made me understand right away that I would be wasting my money.

I use workout videos in my basement and I jog. We recently moved near a community centre with a pool so I've added swimming to my plan as well. I hope to start biking in the spring now that I live somewhere where I think I can do that without risking my life.
Balance in all things.

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The only thing I do at the gym anymore is bootcamp class once or twice a week. Other than that, I excersize at home and I jog around the neighborhood (there is virtually no winter where I live). I am doing Chalean Extreme right now (weights) and before that I did Insanity (cardio, some pushups, no weights). I've made huge changes to my body at home. I do plan to start using the weight room at the gym to do the workouts from the New Guide to Weight Lifting for Women, but the weight room is just so intimidating to me!
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The weight room is my favorite part of the gym. You totally have a right to be there and enjoy getting strong.

My old job had a gym on the property, which was perfect - I came in early, got on the treadmill, then showered, etc and went across the street to my office. So maybe, when all is said and done the issue is the traveling back and forth and I should put the gym thing on the back burner, not over pressure myself to go & do other things that I like, until a better situation presents itself.
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