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Default Got My BodyBugg today :) Tips & Tricks

Got my bodybugg this afternoon and got it all set up

Now I'm just trying to continue my day normally so that I can get accurate results.

I'm so very excited

Anyone have one and have any tips and tricks?
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I love mine. I am starting my 4th week and have lost 5 pounds. I am under my 2 pound/week loss goal. I had that week one and then averaging 1 pound/week. But I will take it! I find not meeting 2 pounds due to me not exercising as much. I had bronchitis,then Thanksgiving, then TOM. still managed one pound loss though. My treadmill should be in this week so I am looking to getting fully back on track. You will love it.. it really makes you think about what you put in your mouth.
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My tip is to wear it religiously and be honest in your calorie tracking. That's when it seems to work the best for me. I'm going on my 3rd year with a Bodybugg/BodyMedia Fit. When I wear it and journal I do great. I always know I'm in trouble when I start slacking on either of those... hence the reason I'm not yet at my goal weight. Haha

Good luck!
-Heather A

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Tellin' it like it is!
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the best tip i can give you, ESPECIALLY since you dont have *that much* weight to lose....
The bodybugg is NOT gospel. Just because it SAYS you burned 3000 cals does NOT MEAN that is accurrate, or even CLOSE. The boy bugg still bases its calculations on algorithms just like those used by the HArris-benedict formula and other maintenance and activity calori calculators. They are ESTIMATES, based on your personal stats...
one thing that IS great though about the body bugg is that it gives you a really good idea of how much you MOVE in a day. It also is great because if you really look at the calories burned throughout the day, say, as you went shopping and putting away groceries, and cooking, and other normal, everyday NEAT (Non exercise activities), you will see that that hour you spend in the gym is NOTHING compared to what you are capable of burning by just MOVING during the day..... its an eye opener.
HOWEVER PLEASE PLEASE keep in mind, if it says you burn on avg 2500/day, for example, and you want to lose a pound a week by being in a deficit of 700 cals everyday (Which is agressive), if youre NOT losing at that rate, than the body bugg is wrong. you arent wwrong. IT is wrong. Also, its pretty much impossible for women, especially with less to lose, to lose weight by being in a moving/exercise induced deficit. Fat loss is 100% about diet. Keep that in mind at all times.

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one pound at a time
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oooh! i just got my bodymedia fit the other day and i'm already in love. even though my exercise and diet are staying the same, its a neat little tool to have.
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I am dieting also.....and by the way....I am IN LOVE with my bodybugg.

Today was my 2nd full day using it, but I've been working out and dieting "this time" for 5 weeks and have been religious about my tracking anyways. This is just nice to see it all neat and on my computer.

I do WW....so I know that 24 points for me is roughly 1200 calories anyways....so its really nice to see it in exact calories and nutritional info alongside my daily burned calories.

I'm so excited....I LOVE it!
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