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Default More aches and pains - any idea what's wrong?

Before I go further, I do know that this isn't a medical site, but I do wonder whether any of you have gone through something similar.

A couple of weeks ago, I came on here because my lower leg was bothering me. Fortunately that turned out to be nothing, but now I have something that is more worrying.

I was fine last night, but while I was in bed, I think I did something to my knee. I stretched or moved it in the wrong way, because I felt a twinge of discomfort in my right knee. It's actually "behind" the inside of my right knee, in the area where I think my ligaments are.

I got up to walk this morning, and it was uncomfortable to stand and put weight on that knee. Not painful exactly, but uncomfortable. When I flex my knee, I feel discomfort. I am not limping and can walk, but it sometimes feels like I shouldn't be putting my weight on that knee for too long. It doesn't hurt at all if I'm just sitting down. It's when I flex my knee and when I'm walking (specifically, putting my right leg forward and then putting weight on that right leg).

Any thoughts? I'm leaving for Italy next week and will be doing a lot of walking there, so I don't want to make things worse by going back to my exercise plan. On the other hand, my diet will go down the drain if I skip exercise for more than a day or two. I'm already dreaming of brisket and tacos...

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You don't mention what kind of exercise you did before this a twinge of discomfort... Maybe you didn't stretch enough after your workout... My thought is that it will go away as the day progresses...My aches and pains usually do and I have plenty, I don't dwell on the small pains unless they last more than 10 days, and they never do....
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See if it gets better over the next couple of days, and try to do some exercise which DOES NOT CAUSE PAIN if it's important to be in proper walking shape for your trip. (If you were a pro football player whose job depended on getting out on the field today, it would be a different story.) Especially if it's painful putting weight on it, and you don't want to aggravate it for your trip, that is the safest course if you are not sure of the cause. There was a thread on here somewhere about exercises for someone with a hurt foot. How about some pushups and planks, or a non-weight bearing cardio like exercise bike?

If it does not get better -- you might have a slight tendonitis or strain overuse injury which you might want to get checked out. I got tendonitis in my ankle and didn't understand what it was because it wasn't directly connected with my exercise. I'm still not sure what caused it, but suspect the shoes I was wearing for work, since they had become worn out and too loose, and it was aggravated by my running. It was an intermittent pain, so I didn't worry about it, until it never seemed to go away. If it persists, and you don't have a chance to see a doctor before you leave, take at least one pair of good supportive shoes along which you can wear (or wear your running shoes if you have them, as daily shoes).

Also remember the basic formula of Rest, Ice, Compression/protection and Elevation as much as possible. Some people also add an anti-inflammatory like advil or naproxen the first couple of days (not Tylenol because it does not work for inflammation). Later, warmth might help. In Italy, lots of pharmacies sell old-fashioned hot water bottles which would work well for this. And there are lots of nice cafes to sit in and rest your leg whenever you have the chance.

I went to a doctor after a couple of months, when it wasn't getting better, and he diagnosed it and recommended some therapy exercises to strengthen related muscles (and also a two-week course of naproxen, which did much more in the short term). I also ended up wearing my good running shoes almost all of the time for about a month, because all my other shoes caused a relapse.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your trip.

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Thank you. Oddly enough, the discomfort didn't start while I was exercising; it happened when I was in bed that night! I must have been twisting and turning, because all of a sudden I moved my leg the wrong way and it felt funny. I was only half awake, so I don't remember all the details.

I think it's getting better. I had to walk around a bit because the place where I work is huge, and I pretty much felt ok. I'm going to try walking tomorrow morning if I feel ok...only a small amount so I don't aggravate things, and if it bothers me I will stop.
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That actually happened to me almost 2 yrs ago. I strained my leg and thought nothing of it. Pain went away. My calf to knee felt super tight when I tried to relax it. I woke up and it hurt so much. I did the whole ice thing and it felt okay. A few days later, I was playing badmitton and something popped when I moved laterally. I heard it and went down.

I talked it over with a PT I knew and she thought it was Plantaris Muscle Rupture, where there is this thin, tiny muscle in the back of the calf that when over strained, can rupture. There really isn't anything they can do, and you don't really need it so to say.

The best thing is to keep stretching. I lifted my leg up while laying down and had my kids (who thought this was a trip) push as hard as they can against it so it leans toward me as far as it could go. I hope that helps.

Just watch your leg. If you have tightness, stretch as much as you can and ice it. You'll be doing tons of walking so keep that in mind...enjoy Italy!

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Thank you!

I walked this morning. Only about a third of what I usually do because I didn't want to overdo it. Felt ok except for the uphill and downhill portion. Was ok today, but tonight after work I had a twinge of discomfort again. I will take it easy again tomorrow, and since Sunday is my normal day off, I'll pick it up again full-speed on Monday.
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