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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default How fast do you walk/run, at what incline, for how long?

I'm just wondering for those of you who run on treadmills how fast you go, on what incline, for how long. I'm 7 weeks into exercising several times a week, I think I need to jog/run for longer than I do, but I don't know how fast or how long is a good place to start.

I've been walking at around 3.8mph at a 2.0 incline for about 50 min, sprinkling in some running/jogging. For example, today I ran for 5 mins at 6.0. I wasn't totally winded after that, but I didn't want to overdue it and have to stop my workout.

I'd love to know about everyones routines!

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When I run on a treadmill, I usually do 6 mph at a 1.5% incline and maintain that for 3 miles (about 30 minutes). When I don't do any incline I've been able to do the same speed for 5 miles. Right now I'm working on increasing distance while maintaining a steady pace. I usually cool down with a 1 mile walk (4 mph) at a 4% incline.

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I start a warm up lap to get my muscles warm. Usually 3.5mph at 2% incline.
Then when it's time to get my run on. I drop the incline to 1%, and 5.5mph. I keep it there until I'm done. Then I do a 5min cool down. 3.5mph 0% incline.

I wanna work up my distance at the same speed. So I just keep going until I feel like my legs are gonna fall off..

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Ilene the Bean
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Everyone has a different level of fitness so what is a good speed or incline for me may not be good for you! My suggestion would be to start slow or with the Couch to 5k program which is a warmup for 5 minutes then run/jog for 1 minutee then recouperate for 1.5 minutes, this is done for the first week... the other weeks you increase your time for running, Google it...

If 6mph is comfortable for you then by all means do it... you can increase it by increments of .5 for a few minutes and see how you feel about it... Sounds like you're doing well though if you can do 5 mins at 6pmh... Keep it up!
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i run outside for 2 or 3 miles depending on how good i feel.

when i do the treadmill i run at 6.6 all the way up to 7.2 in 20 minute intervals at a 1.5 incline

when i walk the treadmill i do intervals at a high incline and alternate between 4.5 speed/15 incline and 4.2 speed and 13 incline. I do a half hour sometimes, sometimes 40 minutes.

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For treadmill, I usually have it set to 3.6-3.8 and then every 10 minutes I do an incline of 6.0-7.0 for 4-5 minutes.

10 minutes: At 3.6
At 15 Minutes: Incline at 6.0 for 4-5 minutes

I'll usually do the treadmill for 30-35 minutes total.
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I'm slow - I warm up for 2 minutes at 3.5 with a 1% incline, then I run at 5.2 mph. I can maintain that for 3 miles, then I usually give myself a break. I'm training for a half marathon, so I'm increasing my distance each week. When I "break" I go back to walking at 3.5 for 30 seconds to a minute (usually to drink water).

Sometimes I go 5.5 for 4 minute increments (usually related to whatever song I'm listening to) and then I always sprint the last .25 miles (at 6.0 or 6.2)

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I would love to start running again but I have a mind over matter thing. I'm just not ready to do more than little blips yet.

When I walk on the treadmill for cardio, I usually walk at 3.6 to 3.8 mph at a 4-6 incline for 30 minutes to an hour. I'll insert a couple jog stretches in sometimes every 10 minutes for 5 minutes at 4.0 (pretty slow). I'm hoping that I can increase amount of time and then eventually speed. slowly but surely.

When I cool down after lifting weights I walk for ten minutes on the treadmill starting at 3.6 mph and 9 incline moving every minute to two minutes down a speed and down an incline until I get to 3.3 mph and a 2-3 incline.
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5 min warmup at 4.0, 0.0% incline
10 min at 4.0, 5%
5 min at 4.0, 10%
5 min at 4.0, 15%
5 min cool down at 3.5 - 3.8, 0%
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I actually logged on looking for a thread just like this one.

I'm finally back in the gym and back on the treadmill. The word "run" hasn't been in my vocabulary since I was like 7. And even then it was more like "slow jog".

I've been doing a 3-5 minute warmup at 3.0 with 0 incline, working up in .5 increments to incline 5 at 3.2 and staying there for about 25 minutes. Tonight I spent the last five minutes before my cooldown seeing how much I could take, and I got up to a 9 incline for about 2 minutes. Huge achievement for me. Cooldown is at 0 incline, 2.7 mph (that's what my treadmill automatically does, probably since I'm only at 3.2 for the duration). So total 35 minutes, although this evening I really wanted to do more so I added on another 15 minutes, 3.0 mph 5 incline. (Who am I that I'm pushing myself?!?!)

Any tips on how to build up speed? I don't know what my mental block is, but I'm sort of terrified of running. I think watching years of biggest loser contestants falling off treadmills has scarred me for life or something.

I really want to be a runner one of these days, I just don't know if my body wants me to be. Any help would be appreciated.
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Ilene the Bean
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gloo ... To build up speed do it gradually till you're comfortable with that speed, then increase it till you're comfortablel with the new speed, and so on...
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I am curious as to whether or not people posting here are hanging on to the front rails? I had heard that it is counterproductive and when I stopped holding on, I noticed a huge decline in my speed.
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