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SMOKING .... and exercise

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Default SMOKING .... and exercise

Yep. I smoke. I smoke about half a pack a day and I know there are more of you out there too! Yes, one day I want to quit. That day is not today. I'd prefer not to have anyone lecture me about smoking. I'd like to ask, for those of you who do smoke, or did when you started to exercise, what did you do? Did you try cardio? Weight training? While continuing to smoke did these things get easier for you? Were you able to still improve your cardiovascular system while smoking? Were you able to see results weight training? How much harder do you find these things to do compared to non-smokers do you think? Does exercising and smoking have ANY benefits or is it really a fruitless cause to do both?

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Hi Crystal - believe it or not, I am one of those people who can on occasion have 1 or 2 cigarettes and then put them right back down again. I used to do that more regularly, but when I really started running and hiking and exercising regularly, they just started to taste and feel gross. I was able to improve cardio-wise, but when I wasn't smoking at all, the improvement was ten-fold. (I'm also almost 40 - I'm sure the younger you are, the easier it is to improve.) Once I started enjoying exercise, I kept thinking "Why am I making my body work twice as hard, when this is hard enough?" Just be careful because smoking depletes your oxygen levels which isn't good for your muscles. I'm no expert - just my 2 cents!
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That's what I was kind of hoping to do- start a serious exercise and/or weight training program ( I need too!) and then quit smoking ~again~, but I would like it to be permanent so I know I need to start putting things into perspective. When I smoke, I always think of the bad things, but somehow it's not enough to kick the habit. I am pretty confident that if I can start a program it will help me to quit. I just want to make sure it's ok to do and that I'm not going to have worse adverse affects because of doing both- or damage my body more- work out, but can't breathe or work out then 20 minutes later go smoke- see my point? I am specifically asking smokers because I figured they would understand lol

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no lectures needed. Research shows exercise will help in many ways, and may help prevent some of the problems with smoking, (cardio health, lung capacity) as well as toning, which is what we want as we lose weight anyhow. And being active won't hurt you!

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I was actually going to post something along these same lines. I too am a smoker. Until this past 6 mos, I honestly didn't even WANT to quit. No desire. I became convicted about it back around September and for (literally) first time since I started smoking at 16 yrs old, I decided I was done. I had 6 left and decided when they were gone, I was done.

I got some patches and a ton of gum. Made it 6 days before I caved. From then on it was one here and there for another week or so until finally I started back again full on.

I will say with 100% certainty that for the time I didn't smoke, the things I did at the gym felt at least half as strenuous as they do now that I'm smoking again. Running out of breath still happened, but not nearly as fast. I performed better and longer and did feel better. I really wish I could have stayed off of them!

I still work out and I smoke before I do, which is hurting my workout and I know it, but I don't feel endangered by it. I just feel more pain while I do it! lol
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no lectures here either guys.... im smoking again and i run marathons and run competitively at the 10K distance...... go figure.....

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Before I had my first child, I lost 65 lbs and smoked/exercised. I didnt like it then, but I liked smoking and had NO intention of quitting. At least you have the intention in the future. Well just as soon as I found out I was pregnant I quit, that's what it took for me to kick the habit forever! Not sure if you have children/grandchildren living with you? If so that is the reason to get rid of the smoking!

Anyways to answer your question it did suck and hurt to jog/do cardio with smoking, my lungs were always sore and I'd have to wait an hour after cardio to light up. In contrast to where I am today, I feel on top of the world healthy and magnificant. I think if people knew just how good they would feel off of them and living healthy, they would ditch them in a heartbeat!

Good Luck!
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Thanks to everyone for the replies! I don't have much time at the moment, but I am hoping to be able to respond to everyone's post individually as I need to! You each have made some great comments/advice that I need to address lol

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