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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default help-i hate exercising-how do i start

ok here goes, I hate exercise, I know it is a mind set but I just can not get motivated, and worse yet i am limited in my exercising due to my diablities, i am about 100lbs overweight, i have been unable to work for the last 4+ years due to a work injury, i have a disease call rsd ( a nerve disorder) which i have to be careful not to exhaust myself, i also have arthristis in my upper body, so needless to say i also fight depression and above all of this i am only 36 years old, now this is what i despratley am in need of how do i start, what do i start with and how do i stay motivated please give me any tips and leads that have helped any of you out there, thanks in advance for all the support i just love this 3fc web site it is truely god sent
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I think everyone has their "favorite" exercise method, even if they hate exercise ... or hated it before getting into the habit of it. Therefore, let me preface this by saying that you're obviously going to have to find something that you are able to do as well as something you at least enjoy a little bit, otherwise you're doomed to failure.

I imagine you'll get a lot of people telling you to just get out and walk, which is fine. Walking is great and I don't knock it, and I know it's worked great for many people ... it's just that it's never worked FOR ME. I have found walking for exercise to be frustrating and boring, and I would rather walk for enjoyment with exercise being the side benefit! When my youngest daughter was a baby, I went through a period of low-fat eating and walking all over the place, and my fitness/weight didn't improve at all. In fact, I started getting bad pains in my heels. I, too, was around 100# overweight -- no, actually it was a bit more than that ...

What I'm doing now -- and again, I was to emphasize that this may not be for you -- is lifting weights. I've been making it a concentrated effort for about 10 weeks now, and I'm feeling great! Last spring, I had pains in my joints and often in my back -- I can't say every little pain is completely gone, but they are significantly improved. I don't wake up all "creaky." While I know that aerobic exercise is important, I'm not doing as much as is "recommended" right now and you know what? That's okay! At least I'm moving. And I know that once I drop some more weight and feel stronger, I'll enjoy doing the aerobics more.

Here are my perceived benefits of weight-lifting: (1) from my very first work-out, I felt a nice little burst of energy - and I continue to feel good after each workout - I'm not a big fireball of energy, but I definitely have more energy during my day than I used to; (2) I'm building muscles and making myself strong, and I can feel this quite definitively; (3) building muscle helps to raise your metabolism, which in turn burns more fat; (4) I have a much better attitude - no sinking into helpless depression, which is something I've struggled with for a long time; (5) I can do a routine at home or at the gym; (6) I truly feel I'm progressing faster with my fitness than if I were just walking (see what happened the last time I tried that).

You can start with very low weights, or even no weights at all. If you can afford it, you could consult with a personal trainer, or possibly you could work out getting a physical therapist in association with your disabilities.

Another option for you might be something involving water, swimming or water aerobics.

Anyway, I was around 250# when I started all this, and through weight lifting, some aerobics (never more than 15-30 minutes at a time!) and low-carb eating, I've lost about 25 pounds. But even more than that, I FEEL so much better, which primes me for keeping it up -- and THAT's what's most important to me.

Good luck,
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Well you now officially have someone rooting for you- and I am not the only one I am pretty sure. (right lurkers?) You sound sooo discouraged -- just try to take baby steps - the rest will take care of itself.

Head for the water? Water aerobics will take the impact away for you and cushion the joints. And it will help you get started. Don't worry about what you will look like in a suit --wear a shirt over it- this is for you and starting to feel good and to feel happy. Most pools are right off the locker room anyways. The only ones who will see are the ones taking the class and they have the same goals and concerns as you.

I like walking too - with the right music of course.
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thanks for the support, it is amazing what words from someone else can make you feel, i am joining the water areobics and going 2 times a week well thats a start and with 3fc it is so amazing the encouragement that i feel, i am a newby and i feel more determined in this last couple of days then i have in the last couple of yrs
thanks again everyone for the support
ps. how do you go about buddy lists??
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Hey Blancita, just wanted to give you a little encouragment. You know everyone has to start somewhere and that is the first step to a healther you. It doesn't matter where you start it's where you go from here. I'm not overly found of brushing my teeth but that's just one of those things that you have to do. That's the way I look at exercise........It is essential for me to exercise to keep my blood pressure and weight under control and I try to do it four or more times a week. MzPen is right about finding something that you at least enjoy a little in order to stay with it. So good luck to you and I really hope that you will even come to love your class.
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water exercise sounds good to me too!!! 1st, you should ask your doctor what you are ABLE to do...and then take it from there!!!! all the suggestions made so far were great, so I didn't want to re=hash them...but doctor 1st...he might be able to suggest some things that these great folks overlooked!
Let us know how you do!!!!
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