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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Should I get a Wii Fit or a treadmill???

I have cold-induced asthma, so every time the temperature falls below 50, I can't go outside and walk or run. I live in a pretty cold area, so I need to invest in an indoor workout program.

I am trying to decide whether to buy a Wii Fit or a treadmill. Walking/running is my main form of outdoor exercise, so I was thinking a treadmill might be good. But on the other hand, I've heard people say that Wii Fit is a really great workout.

My goal with exercise is pretty much to burn as many calories as humanly possible! So if you had to choose between a treadmill and Wii Fit, which would you choose??

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I'm planning on using my family's Wii Fit while I'm at home to stay active in during the brutal months of December and January, because it's more varied and fun than walking in place (honestly, I hate treadmills -- without the distraction of people to watch or to watch me slow down, I can't keep running). But if you already enjoy running and that's doable in your current lifestyle, it might make sense to use a treadmill rather than a glorified exercise tape

In the end, a Jillian Michaels DVD, a set of resistance bands, a set of low-weight free weights (5 and 10 lbs), and an old wood crate to do step-ups on would serve you better than a Wii Fit... which is more useful for the motivation and workout-tracking than it is for actual workout utility.

On the other hand, a Wii Fit is lots of fun, it *does* have useful and motivating software, and you can always use it as a game system when you're not working out There is always that...

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i just bought myself a wii fit plus.. and i love it... it sounds to me you are a calorie counter so am I and one of the wii fit plus features is it tells you how many calories you burned after each exercise.. again i love mine... you should get one.. but get the wii fit plus not the wii fit...

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I have the Wii fit plus and do not find it is a really great workout. I love the games and my kids have a blast, but for the most part I don't even break a sweat and most games you burn just a few calories...you will burn way more calories for your time on a treadmill!

If you are wanting something fun to get you moving more the wii fit plus is awesome, but I do not think it is a serious workout unless you combine a bunch of the games together and even then I don't sweat much.

BUT you can put it on the step function and watch TV on other channels while you step up and down on it (board counts your steps and calories burned), and that does get me sweating but the calorie burn is less than when I go on the treadmill for the same period of time and do intervals.

That said, I have the Biggest Loser game and use it with the Wii fit board and THAT is a really good workout and you can do all the challenges and stuff that you see on the show and it is KILLER and FUN. So, if you can get that game and a board I think it is better than a treadmill because it's fun and you can compete as one of the show people against others, have weigh ins if you want, or just play the challenges and do workouts, it's great.

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I'd recommend a treadmill for a few reasons. First, if you already enjoy running/walking, then a treadmill can be enjoyable for you (I personally hate it, lol). Second, I think a treadmill will be able to adapt to your growing exercise capacity. Maybe a Wii Fit is ok for the first little while, but if you consistently exercise over time (say, a year or so), you will really outgrow it. You need to keep progressing. A lot of women don't push themselves enough after a period of time. Just my thoughts.

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as a biased runner, I say treadmill! I will live vicariously through you...
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Personally, I would vote for the treadmill. I would not have been able to lose my weight without it.
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I think that to get the most calorie burn for your time...the treadmill would be the answer.

I like my Wii Fit but it is no where near the workout that my tread is

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Read this, it may help - personally I would choose the treadmill.


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I never have used a Wii Fit nor am i a huge fan of the treadmill, but that said, I would go for the treadmill for long-term ability to use it. I think, personally, that the novelty of the Wii Fit would wear off after a while.

I have an elliptical that I bought probably more than 7 years ago now. I love that it's always there for me *whenever* I need it and however heavy or light I want to work out. One of my best investments for my health EVER.

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The thing that sticks out with the Wii is the fact that new work out "games" come out all the time, relieving any boredom factors. Not to mention, there are some good ones out there like the EA sports active and the Biggest Loser- more to come I'm sure.

Other benefits are getting the whole family in on the fun for Friday night bowling nights and stuff like that...

I don't have the Wii fit plus, but even with the Wii I get a sweat up- granted I have to be willing to work for it. There are many different options when it comes to the Wii and in my opinion it's a smart investment.

On the other hand I love a good treadmill too- but you can do outside or in your living room in place what you can do on a treadmill. For more variation, my vote goes to the Wii (not neccessarily the fit).
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Well, i hate the treadmill. i also hate the way my feet smack the pavement when I run. It feels awkward and jarring.

So.....I have wii fit. I also have the 3" riser for step aerobics. My rebounder allows me to do the wii free run. I jog on the rebounder doing HIIT.

I got EA sports for Christmas (CP to me!) can't wait to try it, but the wii is my favorite so far.

If you like exercising in one place, and can do it without other stimulation (the goal things during each exercise keep me motivated as well as passing other miis) then go with the treadmill.
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Good article... I would go with the treadmill too and have some other cheaper DVDs for alternate days or days you are bored with the treadmill...
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I'd say treadmill! I used to walk/jog on my treadmill but after gaining a lot of weight the impact was too much on my knees and ankles. So I got a wii fit and at first I thought it would be good for me because there were various activities. I enjoyed the step aerobics, however, they were too slow to even break a sweat. When doing the jogging in place I was more concerned about my wii remote falling out of my pocket or if my hand was making my person run to fast. I didnt mind the hula hoop game but honestly I dont know if that was a good idea cause I was more or less just trying to beat my score and dont think I was doing it properly. I havent tried wii fit plus yet and after playing wii fit Im a little skeptical. Id like to try some of ther other fitness games for wii but I dont want to waste moeny if theyre no good. So Id say treamill!
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I have the Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Plus. The first time I tried the Challenge of the Wii Fit I thought I was going to die. The squats got me. My thighs hurt for over a week. I had to take my time getting up and down, made me feel like an old lady. Then I decided to make my own work out and cut out some of the squats. I haven't used it for a while but I play the games and that is fun because it keeps me off the couch. I need to get back into exercising again. I have plenty of exercise tapes too so I just have to do SOMETHING.
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