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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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I know this is an old thread but I needed that article so much today! Thanks for posting it!
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Very glad I read this article. Makes sense but I just hadnt thought about it like that before. I've been walking on a treadmill, slowly as that's all I can do but will add some weights now too. Wouldn't have dreamed of doing it before reading this.
Thanks for the great information.
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Great info--luckily I saw someone overweight who had trouble with her knees, so that got me researching on how losing weight will also help lesson the pressure on your joints!

It's also why I didn't start out on the treadmill, not only do I like the elliptical, but it also doesn't involve me pounding my feet down when stepping.

I think plenty of cushion in your running shoes would help too.
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Wow !!! What an eye opener !! Sure will be sharing this article for my 18 year old daughter as well !! Thank You !
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Like everyone else here, I am so motivated by this article! I haven't ever read so much great, articulate information about working out for the overweight. I LOVE the notebook idea. Perfect.
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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
Stumptuous.com is a great site with lots of info but there was an article posted titled "No Fat Chicks" on it.

The article basically says that most exercise isn't meant for overweight beginners. It has some advice and a beginning workout plan.

If you don't know where to start, it is a great place to start. Even if you aren't overweight, it has some really good tips and Stumptuous.com definitely deserves to be read by anyone interested in fitness.

I didn't really care for the article--it's way too negative. First of all for an overweight beginner (nothing--and I mean nothing) is going to be easy--if they have been a couch potato for decades. Any type of exercise is going to cause a lot of body anxiety--and the overweight beginner is going to feel like stopping after two minutes.

Starting out is not fun. It certainly is not easy. Overweight beginners are going to get out of breath fairly quickly--they're going to get hot and start to sweat. At first--arms--legs-ankles--knees--and other muscles and yes joints are going to hurt. What's to like about any of that?

For the article to state do this exercise and not that--is ridiculous. No one--including overweight beginners came out of the same clone. I say do what you like to do--IOW--move it in any way you can. If you like to dance--dance--find a Zumba or Jazzercise class. If you like tennis--play tennis. If you like to walk--then walk. If you like to run--then run and start out doing these activities right from the beginning. YES--it's going to hurt-you're going to sweat gallons--you're going to get sore-you'll feel like stopping--but just do it--and eventually that pain and sweat will be replaced with success. "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Furthermore--a lot of the personal trainers--aerobic instructors--etc. of today used to be in the 100 lbs. overweight beginner category themselves. One of my Jazzercise instructors was 100 pounds overweight. She's a great instructor today. She started out several years ago taking Jazzercise classes-and has lost over 80 pounds over the years doing what she liked and still likes to do.

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What a great link. Thank you.
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love this! most articles focus on the skinny and fit people!
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Thanks for this, I was actually due to start at the gym tomorrow and would definitely have overdone it. Now I think I'll focus on the weight training and trim down first. Great article
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Originally Posted by entrepa View Post
Thank you so much for posting that! That is a wonderful, common sense article that addresses issues too often overlooked. Especially:

In addition, a body which is carrying a lot of excess fat is already working hard to move itself around. Overweight people who are avoiding moving around arenít lazy, theyíre sensible. Itís a lot of effort to get going when you have excess mass to carry along with you.

I guess I'm like a lot of people. When I'm not trying to lose weight, I tend to avoid facing the harsh reality of how overweight I am. Then when I finally get up the gumption to try again, I'm frankly horrified and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible trying to do too much, too fast. And most of the weight loss advice is exactly as this article states: not for very overweight people who are just beginning to exercise.
I have been watching My 600 lb. life on TV, and the doctor encourages exercise after their initial weight loss. A lot of these people have been basically bed ridden. One woman only walked 78 steps a day, and the average person does 5100 a day. So doctor encouraged her to start walking to increase her weight loss.
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Great article! I have often thought to myself "This wasn't made for someone who is overweight". Just because it states for beginners doesn't mean that everyone will fit in that category. Just as a side note I would also like to see more workout videos that have heavier people in them as well, it can be discouraging when you can't do a move but everyone in the video is going right along with it.
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Great article with great advice! This definitely makes me more confident to start exercising
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Great article, thanks!!
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I enjoyed the article
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Great motivation!
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