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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Unhappy so no excuses :)

i have been working out almost EVERY day this last week for 2 hours a day!! YAY for me! i have been using ye ol trusty gym membership too.. idk if i have a question or not.. well kinda... so my meal plan is set up to allow for 11-1400 cal a day... i usually burn between 850-1000 cal during my workout... which i love working out cause i feel soo good.. my mood is much better... ok back to the question.. i went to culvers yesterday with my sister( she is supposed to be helping me!!) and i ate.. and it was soooo not healthy.. a burger and onion rings and cheese curds.. (OMG) ok so i usually dont eat like this... but idk.. it was like making love to the best i ever had and no strings attached ( catch my drift?) how could i resist? do i have to go overboard and work out like a crazy person for more time because of this? i hope not..
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Not in my opinion, no. It sounds like you have been exercising and resticting calories plenty to allow for an indiscretion. I would just get back on plan today and move forward. You will probably see some water weight from the burger and rings, though, so be prepared for that. It will even back out in a few days.

You say you have been exercising almost every day - I was exercising every day myself for several months and found that I actually lost faster when I gave myself one to two rest days per week from exercise. I feel better, and my exercise sessions have more quality with the rest breaks sometimes.

Good luck!
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1200 calories is LOW for the amound of training you are doing. That set you up for starvation mode in your body, lean tissue loss for energy, and binges due to your body telling you it is starving.

Just my opinion! It was news to me to learn that 1200 calories is too low for anyone, let alone someone at my weight who requires more than someone thin to function. I was under the impression that 1200-1400 is diet zone. Not so, especially if you are training as much as you are: overtraining and not allowing your body to recover... Muscles build and repair during recovery time. Otherwise, you just keep breaking down the lean muscle tissue more and more.

I had my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tested at my health and wellness center to find out exactly how many calories I need to eat in order to lose. For me, it said between 1500 and 1600... Which I say is too low for how much I am working out, so I consume approx. 1800.
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katiejames, good job on working out all week (and for two hour sessions! wow) . Don't stress too much over your hamburger meal. I mean, you've done so well so far. you don't wanna overwork yourself at the gym. tomorrow is a new day, and you can start new
For me, this is Day 11 of exercising continuously, for 1 hour sessions. I think i might be becoming a little obsessive about the gym. so, I'll probably take tomorrow off (like Shannon suggests) cause I do not want to go overboard with the exercising.
and yes, i agree that 1100-1400 calories might be too low if you are exercising too much...i eat like 1600 and only exercise one hour a day

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No, you do not have to go overboard with exercise. It was one meal. It happens to us all.

Just go back to your new, normal, healthier routine. Things will all fall in place.
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thank you!!! i did get back on track yesterday.. i love going to the gym because i get ME time.. which is greatly needed
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Ilene the Bean
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Katie -- Just forgive yourself and get back on the wagon, that's it that's all, just make it a learning experience...
I l e n e
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