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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default What time of day do you work?

And do you workout on a full or empty tummy???
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Depends. When I'm doing a cardio workout (I run) I get up at 5am. The sun here is up then, and by 8am it is 95oF and 75% humidity. Empty stomach, water and breakfast when I get back.

If I'm doing a weights workout I go to the gym at about 11am, after having breakfast at about 7 when I get back from my run. The gym is air conditioned, so the heat and humidity doesn't matter so much.

In winter I run later, like 8am, because I can. But then I go to the gym about 3pm, so I'm out of there just before the afternoon rush starts.

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I always workout at 1:00pm, that is when my DS is napping!! I eat lunch at noon so I have about an hour or a bit more in between!
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About 5:15 am. I try to have a little something, like a fruit that goes down quick & easy, or 1/2 c of a green smoothie type thing. But my workout is running or yoga, and I can't do it with much in the stomach.
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I also do running/walking and yoga, and I do best when I don't eat within at least 1 hour of working out. I always have a great appetite afterwards!
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I hit the gym around midnight or so, but that's because A: my schedule is very open as far as how late I can sleep in the morning, and B: I absolutely HATE working out with people around, and the gym is 24-hr and pretty much empty at midnight-1AM.

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Presently, I work from 7:30am until 6pm, so it's difficult to exercise anytime before I get off work. And, I try to eat something a little before I work out, but I don't want to be full, just have something in there about 30 minutes before.

After Thursday, I don't know what my new schedule will be like. Friday I'm driving all day, so starting Saturday, I'm going to try to work out twice a day until I get a new job. Once when I get up post-breakfast and once after dinner.

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Right now I work from 5 pm to 3 am.

I do my work-outs twice a day, Monday-Friday.

My first work-out is at 2 or 2:30 p.m.

The second is when I get home from work, so usually around 3:30 a.m. or 4 a.m.

Edited to add:

I don't work-out on a full tummy, and not while I'm hungry either. In the "morning" I'll have a piece of toast about an hour before I work-out. In the evening, it's usually a few hours after I've had "dinner."

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Evening - after I leave the office. I so WISH I were a morning person and could get up and exercise, but I'm just not and never will be. Ever. It just ain't gonna happen.

I don't exercise on a FULL stomach - bleah. The thought makes me a little queasy. But I do eat a snack with some carbs and protein about an hour before I leave the office. Usually it's 1/2 a pb sandwich on a slice of whole grain bread. Sometimes it's some string cheese and a V8 juice. Just something to keep me going through the workout.

And after I always have a scoop of protein powder (usually in water, but sometimes in OJ if I have the calories).


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Whenever I can. Sometimes very early in the morning, sometimes in the evening, but probably most often mid to late afternoon. It all just depends on my schedule and what my workout is that day. For example, if I'm swimming or doing a class at the gym, I have to plan my day around that. If I'm running outdoors, I have to do it early in the morning, before the sun is too high, because I don't like to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen when I run. If I'm running intervals on the treadmill, I can just work that in whenever.

I never workout on a full stomach. At best, it would make me feel sluggish, at worse, it gives me horrible indigestion or I feel sick. So I always stop eating at least an hour or more, before I work out. If I exercise in the morning, I don't eat until after I work out.
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In the late afternoon and I like to have eaten recently.
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