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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Thumbs down Ha'ole speaks again!

Yes, folks it is me again, the new girl with the mouth! Ha ha ha just kidding around.


Ok, ok down to business. If any of you live here in the Hickam, Pearl Harbor area, give me a buzz. My hubby bought me my bike and I love riding it down the Hickam Trail. I start Pearl Harbor side and stop at the beach. I take a minute to "shi shi" if I have to, or dowse myself with water. I never swallow, only spit! (hee hee stab at humor here). I have yet to do it by myself. I have made three trips with honey, but on his duty days, I am reluctant to do this. Is it hard? Heck no! I am 5'4" 258 lbs. and able to push the entire way. Do I kill myself doing it? NOPE! I continiously check my pulse and breathing. If I can't talk while cycling, I ease up. Pushing harder doesn't help, only hurts.

I like to rollerblade. However, my backside spends more time on the trail than I do. Hubby is way too good. He can skate on down the trail, do little tricks, skate backwards, while I am crashing onto the grass just to stop. Hey sue me! I am a product of the 70's which means I grew up skating in the 80's which meant two wheels in front, two in back. I did see at the Skecher outlet that they have four wheel shoes; I am considering it! Honestly!

I LOVE TO SWIM! I used to go and do water aeorbics and loved it. The lady who taught that class, was a skinny minny, but she used to be a size 26 (Like me) and now is a size 10! She was such an inspiration for me. I would be in the water with other "big" people, pregnant ladies, skinny girls with tummies or hips or thighs, and the only person I saw was the trainer. She didn't pity me but helped me. We never saw each other outside of class. That was then, this is now: She rotated off the rock and I stopped going. The new girl is good from what I hear, but I felt like the person who cared if I made it or didn't (p.s. hubby was on a six month deployment at this point of my life) just left.

I want to get sweaty and come home stinking! I want to be able to walk into the house, have the cat run in fear, get out of those grimy work-out clothes, hop in the shower, and walk out of that shower look in the mirror and say, "Babe you are one step closer!" I have chosen my weight goals to be in steps. I know that if I set the limit to losing a lb. per week, I will get discouraged and quit. I am big on accomplishments. Everything little one that I make makes me feel good. At work, home doesn't matter. So I set my goals in the forms of accomplishments. Which have cash awards for buying shoes or CD's ! Wahooo.

Anyway got off track, sorry. I am looking for someone who is not ashamed to go swimming, biking, walking, or to the gym with me. My boss at work is doing a program and has invited me to join them, however she is 6 months into her program and almost killed me at the gym. That upset me so of course I quit. UGH!!!!! I was never a quitter before, why now!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, if you are seriously interested email me at [email protected] and put in the subject line 3FC Exercise, so I don't delete it!

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I just wanted to say hang in there and i hope you find someone on Oahu to workout with. I have two dedicated workout buddies, we are all in different stages of "in shape", but we all keep eachother going!
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