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strength training videos??

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Default strength training videos??

i'm sure somewhere somebody has already posed this question, but i haven't been able to find it yet (haven't looked too hard either ). i have been doing walk away the pounds, both the 4 mile challenge and the walk/jog (i like the walk/jog more, it's shorter but i feel like i get more out of it). i know that this is good cardio kind of stuff, really gets my heart rate up, but i don't feel like i'm doing much to really strengthen my muscles. so my question, does anybody have a good strength training video that you would recommend? i like being able to do it at home, not a big fan of the gym scene yet (plus i don't have the extra money for a membership at the moment), so it needs to be something that i can pop into the dvd player. what i'm picturing is something that will work my the muscles in my arms and legs, probably should include some ab work as well. any ideas???
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i didn't realize that somebody had just posted the same question earlier today until i went into a different forum.
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Did you ever heard of legs of steel?? they are old but great... I think they also have buns of Steel and abs of Steel.
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I have tried hundreds (yes, hundreds) of exercise vhs and dvds over the past 10 or more years...I am an exercise video ADDICT.

Are you looking for total body strength training? Would you consider yourself to be beginner or intermediate level? What LENGTH of a workout are you interested in-a 20-30 minute routine, or a 40-60 minute routine?

Let me know, and I'll shoot you some recommendations.

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Lots of people swear by Cathe Freidrich. She has a lot of both weight training and cardio videos. Hers are definitely more advanced though. I would recommend trying the Firm videos. They do mostly interval training so you do a couple minutes of cardio and then a couple minutes of weights. You can use whatever weights suit you and they also show beginner modifications. The older Firms are more of a challenge than the new ones, but the "Cardioweights" system is a great one to start out on. No big step or anything and you can usually find it cheap on ebay. It comes with 4 workouts (I think), some handweights, and an eating guide. You'll want to increase the weights as you advance to keep challenging yourself though. The 3 pounders won't last forever.

If you go to www.collagevideo.com you can browse TONS of videos by category. They have short previews of the video as well as customer reviews. Very helpful. They also sell a lot of videos you won't find in the store like the Cathe ones.

Good luck!
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I love Jackie Warner's Workout DVD. I think it cost me a whopping $12.99 (or something like that). It is divided into 3 20-minute sections (Uppery body, Abs, Lower body). It is awesome. You do either all three, or just one, or two parts, whatever you like. You will need dumbbells. She inserts a bit of cardio into the weight regime to keep the heart rate up. I am sweating at the end of the 20 minutes like crazy. I consider this money well spent.
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