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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Talking The truth about EXERCISE!


Were do i start...
well it's somthing well all hate to do...
but I hate to say it I just go finished with a 30 min exercise DVD and I feel great! about half way through all tapes I tell myself that I am going to stop but I know if I keep going that in the end I will feel better...
Well exercise is helping me lose weight 1 step at a time.
I will have weight loss pics up soon!

My MiNi GoAl:185 LbS

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Burning it away
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I can honestly say that the more you do it and you see the benefits you will learn to love it. I used to hate exercise, now I can't wait to get my gym fix. I must be going mad..
- Lauren
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I find that while I'm exercising I absolutely hate it...but when I'm done, I feel wonderful, and can love it for the way it makes me feel. Push through the workout! It's worth it!
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I used to hate it for a lot of reasons - I felt like a failure because I could never complete a class or a tape or a routine. I hated feeling awkward and clumsy. I hated feeling disgusting and sweaty and red faced. And quite frankly I grew up being told I wasn't athletic, so I hated it because I thought it was something I couldn't do.

The more I've done it, however, the more I love it. The sense of accomplishment from being able to finish something, to lift weights, to work up a sweat ... I love it now. I really do. I love the fact that I sweat so much now that my shirt is wet on my back and chest and tummy. I love the fact that after a workout I feel like I've exerted myself. I love the way my muscles feel the next day - that good kind of sore that tells me I've really pushed myself. I know that sounds weird, but I actually look forward to that now.

You'll get there!

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One step at a time!
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I actually like exercise!
It´s really hard to get up in the mornings and to get started but after you start wow, it´s great!
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I know I never want to make the time to exercise especially when I'm in school, but I know my best weight loss always happens when I do it. I exercised for the first time in this diet last night, I found I have never been so out of shape before. I used to be able to just start and keep going for a substantial time and yes get that wonderful feeling after. But now I lead a more sedentary lifestyle I couldn't jog in place more than 3 minutes and had an excruciating time trying push ups. The best I could do were sit-ups/crunches, with minimal pain in my tummy muscles today. Twenty minutes in and I was worn down and feeling crappy. But I'm sure if I keep it up it will get better. So lets keep on chugging on in the end it will all pay off, plus with us exercising those happy dances once we reach our goal will be just that much longer and sweeter
I KNOW I can do this!

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Goal #4: Lose 50lbs. --Done!!
One for every 5lbs lost:
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Originally Posted by Dolphinditto View Post

.. it's somthing well all hate to do...

Hey.. I like it .
If I go ages without changing my routine, I start to resent it but all in all - If I don't do it I get moody and cranky.

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I have never exercised and wished I hadn't but I haven't exercised and wished I had.
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Originally Posted by tinamae View Post
I have never exercised and wished I hadn't but I haven't exercised and wished I had.
I had to read that twice, but I get it now! The coffee obviously hasn't kicked in yet.
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No surrender, no retreat
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Oh, I like to exercise! Makes me feel good. Although I do notice that if I just stick with the same basic routines I get bored and annoyed with the whole thing. Changing it up, switching it out, trying new things . . . helps keep it fresh and interesting and challenging. I agree with tinamae -- I've never regretted any exercise I've ever done but boy have I've regretted blowing it off!
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One day at a time
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I agree with the others...variety is definitely key for me. I walk outdoors, do the treadmill, and numerous dvds to mix it up. The same routine day in and day out bores the crap our ot me. Also, I used to HATE exercising and now I LOVE it...can't get enough. Sometimes I think I over do it if there is such a thing.
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I'm at a stage where exercise is something I don't feel like doing..but yet, don't totally loathe doing it. I want to stop in the middle, but when I push myself to keep going, I feel really accomplished!!

Plus, you're right, afterwards I feel fantastic. Even though I know it doesn't make a physical difference, I always stand in front of the mirror and flex my puny muscles as if they have grown a bit during my exercise session. haha.
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I actually really like to exercise -- it's just sometimes, I feel like I should be doing other things, AKA studying for upcoming tests, etc. But I always feel better after I exercise, so I do my best to work it into my day. As for stopping in the middle of videos, I hate doing that, even when it's kicking my butt cuz it makes me feel like I failed. So I've started doing videos that I know I can do the whole way through. Those old videos that i couldn't finish -- I'm working my way up to them. I've pledged to be able to kick those videos in the rear by the end of the school year.
11/07/16: Back for more... gonna try to stick with it this time!

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I am at a weird stage right now. The little whiny girl in me is still there wanting to stop somewhere in the middle of the exersice, but another stubborn one has recently arrived going "I WILL NEVER SURRENDER! I WILL FINISH THIS!!!"

After I finish my exersice, the stubborn girl woots in happiness and I feel like a million bucks until next time I get up on the treadmil, where both girls re-appear again.

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