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Default resting heart rate

My resting heart rate is around 56 per minutes. Is this normal ? Isn't it too low ? im 21 year old and a female.

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I think that's perfectly healthy. I just took my own and it was 65 beats per minute. I'm 24. I've taken it while sitting in class before, and it used to be anywhere from 55-65.

The heart beats about 60 to 80 times a minute when we're at rest. Resting heart rate usually rises with age, and it's generally lower in physically fit people. Resting heart rate is used to determine one's training target heart rate. Athletes sometimes measure their resting heart rate as one way to find out if they're overtrained. The heart rate adapts to changes in the body's need for oxygen, such as during exercise or sleep.
- American Heart Association http://www.americanheart.org/present...dentifier=4701

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Anything below 60 bpm is technically termed bradycardia but it can be perfectly normal especially for younger individuals and those that exercise frequently. 56 is pretty close to normal at any rate. Personally my resting heart rate is between 47-52 bpm. GENERALLY, it's normal. Sometimes well trained athletes can go as low as 40!

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Ive heard of super fit athletes even being in the 30's.

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mine was 45bpm this morning first thing.

However I'm not super fit Sure I exercise a lot but I dunno - bit of a freak I think.

Stays quite low for majority of time and REALLY peaks during exercise. Quickly returns to 'normal' (for me anyway) though. Guess not everyone is textbook

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