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Default From Pork chop to Karate chop!

I am really interested in taking a Martial arts class. I really like the discipline involved, that you're learning something new and that you have goals and levels you can strive for...

Does anyone currently or has anyone participated in such a class? What form of Martial art did you choose? Did you enjoy it? How much did it cost ? Just looking for some input.

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I'm not into martial arts but I had to chime in and say I love your thread title!
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I study Combat Hapkido and used to study Philippine weapons. I LOVE hapkido. It's a very defensive art, where you use the other person's momentum against them. It's perfect for women too b/c you learn some self defense right away.

I looked online and I don't see anyone near Schaumburg teaching that style of Hapkido (yes, I'm in Omaha but am a Chicagoland native!) But I recommend hapkido, aikido and aiki-jujitsu, all three are similar enough. You will learn to take a fall (required so you don't injure yourself in training) so if you have a bad back you might want to talk to your dr first. The good thing is falls require you get back up...talk about an ab workout! It's not a bad cardio workout too, plus you get to find some muscles you didn't realize you had and get a good stretch. I was sore after my first workout!

I would just go watch and check out a couple schools. Any decent one should let you do that, as well as give you a week or two of free classes so you can find martial art style that you like. My dojo is like a family, there's about 20 hapkido students and we're all pretty close, which makes it even more fun.

Good luck!!
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I practiced Aikido for a few years, and absolutely loved it. Lost some weight, but gained a boat load of self esteem and confidence! Tried karate, but it really wasn't me. I think I'll try kenpo next.
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I used to Tai Chi which is not exactly Martial arts. I really enjoyed it. When you watch it, it appears to be so smooth and effortless but I always broke sweat doing it. I would like to return to it one day.
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