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Default Curves gym

Hey girls have any of you tried out curves for woman? i have been meaning to join but i went the other day to see about prices and they were closed, does any one have atleast an estimate on prices and if they are any good please let me know
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I used to sell memberships for a gym (not curves)
Can you sign up for just a few months, that would be nice.
Your first sign, you go to sign up,,,, and they are closed. I think the hours vary, but remember, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIGN UP THE FIRST TIME YOU GO. They might even give you a free trial if you ask. You can tell them you have a free trial somewhere else and you want to compare. You should totally compare, it is sooo important. YMCA and park districts and hospitals are the BEST gyms, because they are not in it for the money, well, that is debatable, but they are not looking for a 2-3 year contract.
Also, from what I understand at Curves, they have a circuit workout which is really awesome, but how many months is the same workout going to work for you?
Just some questions to think about.
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I just saw a commercial for Curves on TV last night and they advertise 30% off and the first 30 days for free right now. However, I can't say for sure if it was on a Canadian or on a US station.

I thought about Curves (a friend of mine, who lives in another town, went for a while) because there is a location not too far from me, but they don't open until 6:30 am and that is a bit too late for me. Had they opened at 6:00 am, I would have probably signed up - can't say for sure because as I far as I know the whole Curves organization is very pro-life and I am very pro-choice, so I don't want to put my money into any company whose values are different from mine.
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I did go to Curves and enjoyed it very much and found it beneficial. I had to quit because I broke my shoulder but will go again if ever my shoulder heals.
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A lady from the rink I skate at joined Curves, and she liked it very much. I looked into it, because they are everywhere, but didn't feel it was a good fit for me.

There is a joining fee anywhere from $49 to $149 just to sign up, but typically about $75. I think the monthly rate after that is $39 if you pay by the month, or $29 if you sign a 1 year contract and have the fee set up to draw directly from your bank account.

It's a circuit workout, so you jump in on any place in the circuit, and change machines or positions every 30 seconds, and repeat for 30 minutes. The place I went, there was recorded music with a voice over that tells you when to change machines. I'm not sure if you're limited to one workout a day, or if you can do more than one a day if/when the workout gets too easy..?

You can definitely try it the first time for free, and there is some variation depending on which one you go to, since they are individually owned franchises, so definitely try before signing up.

Personally, at that price, I'd join the Y or another gym, because for a few more bucks each month (at the Y, anyway), you'd have more options for varying your workout in the long run...swimming, sports, weights, classes, etc. Definitely go to the places that interest you and ask for a free trial workout/day, so you can see what will be the best fit for you.

Think about what you need/want, and try not to be overwhelmed by the sales pitch, especially at places like Curves and other private gyms...will you be able to get there when they are open? Will you need a shower/changing room if you're on your way to work? How's the traffic getting to/from at that time of day? Will you feel comfortable working out there, and with the crowd that is there at that time of day? Does the staff get involved in the workout? Do they seem professional and experienced? What is their refund policy if things don't work out?

Just some things to think about. Take your time, and if you think you like a place, I'd suggest going home, waiting several days or a week before signing a contract. That will give you a chance to be sure you weren't just feeling dazzled by a good sales pitch or impressive "before and after" photos.

Let us know how it goes!

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I use to go to Curves and it gave me NO RESULTS. At all. They told me that if I upped my intensity it would help, but I never felt really good about the workouts. It depends on the shape you're in. I have always done sports and been pretty muscular so the level of workout there just wasn't enough for me. I believe I paid $34/month with a year contract and the contract buy out fee was $59 or something like that. They waived my joining fee and first month memebership fee because it was a special they had going on. It works for a lot of women, just not for me.
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With my personal experience i find that i need a variety of types of excersize to see results. I have never tried Curves, but i imagine the repetition of circuit you may see results at first, but you may hit some sort of stopping point.

You just have to try for yourself and see if your body responds well to it.

Personally, for the price i would rather join a gym with several types of equipment that you can work on at your own pace with classes and such.
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Prices can vary as far as the signup fee. However, the monthly rate is generally close to $30. I've been to Curves in 3 locations, 2 states, and the monthly varied from $29 to $31. The signup was half price when I joined. Other locations had free signup months. The signup generally runs about $150, but can be $0, $75, etc....depending on any deals they have going at the time.

As far as how good they are, that's going to depend on your particular location and you. I left my first location because I didn't like the way they handled matters. I loved the other 2 locations though. In all locations, how much you lose will depend on you though. If you workout or if you chat will make the difference. If you workout lightly or hard. If you diet along with the exercise. How often you go. IOW, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it.

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I joined Curves a couple of years ago in March. They were having a food drive and the Sign up fee was waved if you brought in a bag of groceries. I had to sign a 2 yr contract, py $32 MONTH, but by 6 months it was WAY easy and I was bored and rarely went anymore. I had to pay $70 to get out of my contract.

I did lose some weight and inches while there.

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Another thing, if you are looking for an 'all women's gym' that is not a circuit, they should have some in your area, OR some bigger gyms will have a women's section for working out.
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I joined Curves about 4 years ago & I loved it. Unfortunately, I wasn't serious about my weight loss then, and after going on vacation, I never went back. I am planning on signing back up this week.
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I was a member for a year (I wasn't given a buy-out option). I did not find the workout to be terribly effective, or at least anymore effective than a 30 walk would be. As I recall, a large portion of the weight machines at my curves are listed in this forum's sticky on least effective exercises. Also, do some research on hydraulic weight machines - many in the fitness community are sceptical of their value.

I guess it depends on what you are looking for - if you want a simple light-cardio workout and a peppy atmosphere, go ahead and give it a try. A lot will depend on the owners for your franchise, but mine was VERY religion-oriented. Personally I like to keep my faith and my WO seperate, but some people find the spiritual aspect very motivating.

One warning - my curves would not let people try the equipment until they joined and signed the liability waiver. If the one you go to tries that just walk away - no one should ever have to sign a contract without first trying the equip. IMHO.

Good luck!
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I belonged to Curves a couple of years ago and while it was fun I saw NO RESULTS.
And I was going really faithfully.
I do much better at home with my treadmill and free weights.
But if I wasn't able to do that I would look for a gym where you can do high intensity intervals on a treadmill or ellipitical ( which has been shown to really help with weight loss and cardio fitness) and with some good trainers who can help you learn how to work out with free weights.
The machines like they have at curves don't do much imo, but better than nothing I guess.

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I go to Fitzone, which is kind of like Curves....a little bit.

There is a weight circuit, but there's no time limit or anything, you just go through at your own rate. And then the other half of the place is cardio equipment like treadmills, sitting bikes, & ellipticals. You do it however you want to, but when you start they give you suggestions and such. All the employees are personal trainers who are there to help you. And then they have a ton of classes they offer, and it's all included in the membership.

I don't think Curves would work out for me. I like to be able to do my cardio for 40 minutes, then do the weight circuit at my own rate, & then do my cool down. Or some days I just go in and do the cardio & some days just the weights. Or a class.
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I just signed up tonight. My coworker has gone from 246 to 231 since joining there 2 months ago and my grandma had a lot of success when she was alive. I paid a 75 dollar sign up fee and it is 35 a month at my curves.

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