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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Cool Curves 6 days a week?

Hey all....I just wanted to know if anyone here goes to Curves 6 days a week or even 5 days a week.
I just started and I am on my second day and I plan on going everyday they are open, which is 6 days.

What were your results...did you see them sooner than one month?..Is 6 days a week too much?

Im a big girl and that's why I have chose to do 6 days a week...new year new me!
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among other things, I'm a curves trainer... You should be able to go six days a week... however, you may want to work up to it. Three times a week is what's recommended , especially if you're starting a new fitness regimen. Personally, I only do between 4-5 on an awesome week, and as long as I pay attention to the # of reps I'm doing on each machine, it's fine. While you're first starting out, make sure you're using the machines exactly the way they're intended to be used (we get paid to correct you, but if you're even the slightest bit unsure, ask). It's better to have good form and fewer reps then bad form and reps that aren't doing anything for you (and I know you don't want that!). Honestly, stick with 3 times a week, at least for this week and next week, and then up it if you feel ready... and make sure you're stretching after your workout - it will help build up to 19% more muscle and help prevent you from being sore... so you've really got nothing to lose there :-)
Starting over.......
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I think you'll have to decide for yourself if 6 days a week is too much - whatever works to keep you motivated . I've been an on again/off again exerciser for 20 years. I always started up at three days a week, and I'd keep at it for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. What happened to me was that I'd find (or make) excuses for that day to be an 'off' day, and eventually I'd get too many 'off days' to keep the habit. I've started up again as of a couple of weeks ago and I'm doing it everyday this time. This gives me no leeway to make excuses, and to tell you the truth, it does put me in a slightly different mental space to know that I can't put it off until 'tomorrow'. If it's part of the daily routine, like 'eat breakfast' and 'brush teeth' then you don't want to think about not having the time *today*.

I did start much more slowly than I have in the past though. With no days off for recovery, it is extremely important that I don't push myself too hard. I'm letting my body dictate the speed at which I increase my time and difficulty. The first few days I only did 10 minutes on the elliptical (very slow speed) and 10 minutes with weights. Now, two weeks later, I'm up to 35 minutes on the elliptical (reasonable speed), but I'm still at only 10 minutes of weights. My body doesn't want to go as fast with weights as with cardio.

After two weeks there's a huge difference in all kinds of things. I'm sleeping better, I'm not craving big bowls of pasta or pizza, and I've lost a couple more pounds. So - yes, you see results fast, even at a slow pace.


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I went 5 to 6 a week...while pregnant. And I put in a lot more effort at it than most there. But it wasn't a problem for me as I normally worked out an hour to 1 1/2 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. Usually aerobics and bicycling or running. But I couldn't run as he started pressing on the bladder and I needed some type of exercise to keep me motivated into continuing my exercise daily throughout the pregnancy. So I joined Curves and made the most of it.

Now, while I wasn't there to lose weight, I can say that losing weight isn't dependant on how many days you go, but on YOU. If you go and chat for the most part, put very little effort into the workout, you'll likely not see results. If, combined with proper diet, you go like you mean it, and you really work out, you're going to see results.

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