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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Question Everyday exercise burn out?!

For those who exercise everyday or almost, I have a question....

I exercise 6 days out of th week, or maybe even go 8 days in a row and then, one day off, but then back at it the next day... I am starting to feel a wee bit mental burnout...

I work out to fat burning tapes that go from 40 to 45 minutes... I am thinking about just doing them 5 days out of the week, then, taking 2 days off here or there, not just 2 days in a row. Do you think I may set myself up to fail in the weight loss area? Most of the instrutors say at least work out 3-4 times and you'll see results... Is there anyone here who has cut back, but use more intense worksout and found weight loss success?

I work out to Leslie Sansone and Gilad Jankowitz...
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OK, first let me introduce myself:

Stef, 36, overweight aerobics instructor (4 years experience).
Lecturer in Exercise Sciences (I hold bachelor and masters degrees) and I specialise in physical activity in overweight/obesity.

So believe me when I tell you you DON'T need to change much to see and feel a change. But first I would like to make one point REEEEEEALLY strongly: exercise does not lose you weight, you really need to eat sensibly AND exercise to both lose AND maintain loss. The exercise is a stronger aid in maintaining the loss than it is in losing it in the first place.

This means that you can play around with your exercise routine a bit and still get all of the benefits. Generally you should be doing at least 30 mins a day, EVERY day, to get the maximum benefits. But you should do different types of exercise on alternate days. If you do you will get the variety you need to stop the burn out feeling. You will also give your muscles a chance to rest between workouts. It is no good working abs, back, thighs etc EVERY day and not letting them rest. They only get stressed and any benefit you should be getting will be hindered by this stress. Try to change your routine a bit so that you give each bit of you a day or two off every week.

For example:

Mon - Aerobics tape workout (40 mins), then a nice hot shower or bath and repeat the stretches whilst your muscles are still hot. If you do this well you will really feel good and limber and supple and stretchy - HONEST!

Tues - try out something new (40 mins). A muscle workout, yoga, skipping, whatever!

Weds - More aerobics (40 mins), mix up the videos and keep yourself fresh and interested (I swap mine around a group of friends).

Thurs - dare I suggest swimming or aqua classes? Walk a dog (if you haven't got one borrow one, try an animal shelter!?!?!?!). Fly a kite. Anything but get some fresh air and a change of scenery whilst you do it (40 mins)!

Fri - Muscle stuff, or yoga, whatever you fancy (40 mins)

Sat - Well you could do more aerobics. That should be 3 times at 40 mins each! More than enough of that!

Sun - Take a day off, OR (and this is my personal favourite) find a walking or cycling group that has lots of other unfit or overweight people in it. If you can't find one, start one! It's fun and social AND you could get to stop of somewhere for lunch! Good food, good company and all the backup you need to eat within your diet in a public place (something I loathe and feel embarrassed about all the time).

So if you play around with what you do you still get a good amount of aerobic and endurance (muscle work) and everyone is happy! Use your imagination and mix it up as much as you can. AND ALWAYS STRETCH WELL!

I hope this is useful to you. I know I didn't exactly answer your question but I hope I didn't bore you! Stef
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I have the same problem sometimes... so I try not to do "exercise" everyday.... I try to incorporate some type of movement everyday though...

For example, I go to Curves M, W, & F... which to my brain is "real exercise"... but on alternate days I do all sorts of things. On Tuesdays, dh and I bowl in a mixed league, which IS exercise, but I think of it as just fun. Then on the weekend, regular chores count too, like housecleaning, and snow shovelling.

I guess my point is, I'm not trying to "exercise" everyday, I'm just trying to make my lifestyle a little more active.

Hope that makes sense!

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Default Ok....

Stef, thanks... I failed to mentioned I have the eating situation in tacked/ WW and lost 100 pounds, but have 5 more lbs. to go before I hit goal... I just feel I need to give myself some slack.. (I'm one of those people who is unnecessarily hard on myself) I once become obsessed with exercise yeeeeeeears (1990) ago, and it all back fired to the point I just gave up... (but I didn't have the nutrition knowledge I have now) I don't think I'll give up now since God blessed me with WW, but just need factual encouragement so I can tell myself I'm ok..... Sounds silly, but that's my insecurity...

I will try to work on buying a eliptical machine later in the year, God willing, but for now it's just easier for me to work out to tapes, that through God's will have worked to my success so far. I do understand the changing up. When the weather permits, I do power walk out side, but that gets boring after a while.

Stef, I'm 36 also... Nice to meet you.
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ComicSans MS ComicSans MS

Thank you for this post. I am new to this forum and I too have a habit of "wanting" and "trying" and many times accomplishing exercise every day. This gave me some great ideas for a workout schedule.

thanks again
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Swan_Lake -

Maybe now is the time to shift your attutide towards exercise. You have lost a "ton" of weight and you are very close to your goal. Try focusing on the many non-weight loss benefits of regular physical activity. You are not in danger of the type of over-training a marathoner might experience but it sounds like you are experiencing a mental burnout. Changing the reasons you exercise might just be what you need to get over this.

If you are thinking of exercise as only for weight loss, you might need a different motivator. There are many other benefits of exercise besides weight loss. Below is a list of the medical ones, but there are just as many non-medical reasons.

Health benefits of regular physical activity can include a reduced risk of:
  • Cardiovascular disease
    Colon cancer the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S.
    High blood pressure
    Type 2 (formerly called adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent) diabetes
    Death from all causes
Also, regular physical activity might reduce the risk of:
  • Anxiety and stress

Good Luck.

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Another thought on the subject...I've, personally, found it advantageous to take a week off from formal exercise every so often. For me, taking a week off every 8 weeks or so seems to help me keep my motivation and strength. I do a combination of running, walking, weight training and aerobics classes, and I find that if I don't take that time off every so often that I start to lose steam - emotionally and physically. This is something that I've heard others speak of, as well, in the physical fitness field.
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