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Default Changing Personal Trainers

I am finding myself in a predicament. I joined a gym (LA Fitness) in my area two months ago. I signed up for personal training three times a week as I know if I have someone there pushing me and showing me the correct way to work out to meet my fitness/weight goals, I will stick with it. I have ZERO motivation if I am left on my own.

Anyway, I have been working with the same trainer since I started in April. He is the same age as myself and a very nice person. His credentials and undeniably impressive as an iron man triathlete. There is no question he is in excellent physical shape and knows how to work out effectively. He is motivating-to a point.

To be honest though, I don't feel that he is a right fit for me and I'm not sure how to go about switching trainers. Obviously I will still see this man training other clients at the gym if I switch. I really don't want to create an awkward situation. My main complaint is that he does not really challenge me or push me. I have told him on more than one occasion that I am not fragile, will not break and that many times the exercises and/or weight is simply too easy for me. I don't know how much more direct I could be.

My other issue is that he insists on conversation (you know, shooting the breeze) while training. By nature, I'm a very quiet and private person. I'm not anti-social by any stretch, but I do take quite a while to warm up to someone. I don't sit there is silence, but I hate to feel like I have to think of topics to discuss to put HIM at ease. I'm also a bit uncomfortable with the information my trainer shares with me. While I'm flattered that he feels comfortable enough to share certain things with me, I really did not need to know that his marriage ended because of his dedication to the gym and his fitness routine. This is just one of many things I feel is not quite appropriate to share unless I am close with someone. I do want to feel some kind of connection with my trainer, but that is too much information in my book. I really feel like his therapist instead of his client.

So I guess my question is this...do I try to eloquently talk to my existing trainer once again? If so, what do I say without creating any hard feelings? Sometimes I don't always choose the best words and I don't want him to feel bad or get defensive. Should I just approach another trainer to pick up my sessions? I really am not hip to the appropriate etiquette for this scenario. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Before you switch, I would make sure they have the type of trainer avaiable that you are interested in. Talk to the desk staff or whoever you need to, let them know what you are looking for and see if they could suggest someone. You hate to switch and end up worse off.

After that, you really don't owe your current trainer an explanation. It's his job and if he takes it personally that people switch, he's in the wrong profession. I'm sure he's had clients that didn't "fit" well with him that he's switched off to someone else. Let him know you are looking for something different and that's it.

Good luck.

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