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Question Do you eat after working out?

I usually have a light breakfast and a large glass of water about a half-hour before working out (at a moderate to high level for an hour). I was wondering if many of you eat a snack of some sort after working out? If so, what do you usually have?

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I usually have a protein shake with fruit after every workout.
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I always do because I workout after work and then have a 30 minute drive home. If I don't eat something in that time, I walk into the house WAY too hungry and tend to make poor dinner choices. I usually have a protein shake or a Luna bar.

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I'm usually hungry after a workout so I'll eat something small, around 100 calories or 200 calories at the most, if I eat something bigger I just don't feel good. Specifically what I eat just depends on my mood!
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I'm usually not hungry straight after a workout, but depending on the time of the day, I may either grab a piece of fruit or actually prepare lunch/dinner about 1 hour later (so the exact food depends). The only exception is when I go running early morning, because I do it on an empty stomach, and after that the hunger for breakfast comes back fast--then I fix myself oatmeal with cinnamon and apple, that kind of stuff.
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I usually eat a big bowl of mixed vegies and a serving of Smoked Turkey lunch meat. It holds me over intil dinner. I work out usually betwwen 11 am - 1pm.

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I almost always do because

a) most of my workouts are first thing in the morning so then it is breakfast time

b) for a really hard workout studies have shown that eating in the first 30 minutes improves recovery and allows you to work hard the NEXT time

Some kind of combination of carbs and protein depending on when and how much I worked out.

Today it was a 20 oz gatorade and a turkey, black bean , light cheese burrito with an apple. at 9:30 a.m.
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Actually, I have a protein shake with fruit before working out (if I don't I get a low blood sugar thing going on) and oatmeal afterward.
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Yes, I try to follow the 30 min. "rule" that my trainer swears by. I eat some combination of protein, carb and a good fat, like ff cottage cheese, fruit and a couple of olives.

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