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Default Locker Room Etiquette Question

Well, for some background, my company moved office locations this week. So, instead of the nice, intimate private gym, we now have Gold's (don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have a gym in my building, period). Today was my first time at Gold's; I was a bit anxious about going to a "big gym" but it really wasn't bad. After changing, I walked through the gym slowly doing a sort of "terminator scan" to find what I needed without looking lost. Managed just fine.

What's funny is that after I changed back into my work clothes (went during lunch), I decided to check out these doors off to the side in the locker room; it turns out they're changing rooms. I had spent more than a year at my last gym, training myself to feel comfortable changing in front of other women in the locker room. Now I'm afraid that I'm the only one here who doesn't use the change rooms. I now honestly feel that it's an unnecessary hassle to go to the locker, to the bench, to the change room, and back to the bench again.

Would it be inconsiderate of me to continue to change in the open? It's not like I'm ever completely undressed and I've got a system of changing where I retain my modesty (ex. having one bra mostly on before taking the other one off so I'm still covered). I would hate to be the person the other women talk about. I'd appreciate your input.


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Not much help here, my gym has no changing rooms unless you count the handicapped toilet stall or the showers. Like you I can dress so that I'm not ever completely undressed, and the way our locker is shaped, it's possible to be back in a corner. We don't have anyone who walks around naked, but unless they're with a friend, most of us tend to dress/undress without looking at everyone else.

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My gym has three changing rooms but hardly anyone uses them -- too much of a hassle, as you said.

Why not keep on doing what you're doing now - it sounds perfectly acceptable to me - and just keep an eye on what others do? Every gym has it own etiquette that you'll figure out. But honestly, if it was me, I would do exactly what you do.
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My gym also has a couple of changing rooms, but as far as I can tell, I'm the only one who has ever used them. Most women just change out by the lockers and some are not nearly as modest as you. I only used the changing rooms once after showering and then decided that it was silly since no one else uses them and it was inconvenient to drag all my stuff over to them (and they don't have any benches that you can set your stuff on, making them even more inconvenient--at least there are benches by the lockers).

Probably not as many people will notice what you are doing as you think. In my gym, I think you'd have to be leaping around completely naked or doing some kind of naked dance before anyone would really pay any attention to you. And even then, you wouldn't be the person we all talk about because, well, there aren't too many people that really talk much to each other. We all just come in, change, do our workout, and go home. Sometimes I have a short conversation with someone, but it's never about the other people at the gym, it's usually about what sort of workout we're doing.

So I would say, go ahead and change wherever you want. It sounds like you are more than modest about it so I doubt anyone will pay any attention.
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I think it's cool that people aren't embarrassed of themselves and they're strip it all! lol. We have a couple people at my gym that SIT on the benches naked....that kinda bothers me. But the changing in the open is fine! If I was down to my goal weight I'd probably be doing a naked dance !! lol. I remember when I first joined years ago and the trainer told me when he was giving me the tour "The first rule is no running around the gym naked"....LOL I laughed so hard. That would be interesting.

For your information. We have a gym out here that has a "Nude" day where no one has to wear clothes swimming. *raises an eyebrow* Obviously no children are allowed, but I thought "ya know...the people that are ACTUALLY attractive probably don't even show up."
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I've rarely seen anyone actually using the changing rooms at the 4 different gyms I've belonged to over the years. There are a few people who parade around naked or topless in the locker room doing their hair or make-up post workout sho seem to be quite the exhibitionists, but generally women just quickly take their clothes off, put workout clothes on, then reverse the process with deodorant and a quick shower depending on what they were doing.

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It takes me a couple of weeks at a new place, but generally I am comfortable with a little bit of nudity on my part. I don't mind other people's nudity.
The only place where I did was when my work had a gym on campus. I mean there was a camaraderie with us Gym folk, like there was with the smoker's shed. And it was funny when you walked into a meeting and the person you've seen in the change room is there - and you find out what they do and who they are. I think their underwear says a bit about who they are, but I don't really want to know how they wear their lady hair.
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In situations like this, it's helpful to think "how would I react if I saw a person doing x, y, z?" So, ask yourself how you would react if you saw a woman changing in the locker room and not in the changing room. I'm guessing you wouldn't care or think it's weird, therefore other people probably wouldn't care or think it's weird if you do it.
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I would not worry about it - I'm super self-conscious in the changing room and I don't even use the stalls they provide. They're so small and by the time I get all my clothes in there, it's like trying to maneuver in an airplane bathroom. I think it's completely acceptable to just change in the locker room.

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I also have a membership at and Edge and there is 1 dressing room there w/ a mirror in it but I've never seen anybody use it. Everybody seems to change out in the open by the lockers. I think you're fine staying the way you're doing now.

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It is beyond ok - it is to be expected. And maybe by doing it you empower others to not feel so shy
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This is from a magazine that I get as part of my gym membership. Earlier this year they had a whole article on gym etiquette:

Err on the side of modesty. Some nudity is completely appropriate and expected in the locker room, but prancing around in your birthday suit is unwarranted and will make others uncomfortable. Practice a little modesty by wearing a towel to and from the shower and sauna, and consider putting on at least your undergarments before doing your makeup or drying your hair. Sitting your naked bottom on a locker-room bench is not only unsanitary, but it can make your gym mates a little queasy so always put a towel between you and any community surface, including saunas and steam rooms.

I find this amusing because there is a good amount of nude prancing, topless blow drying, stark-naked-while-shouting-conversations, etc in my gym's locker room.

So I think what you're doing is just fine. In fact, I don't think you have to worry about having one bra nearly on before taking the other one off, unless that's what makes you comfortable. Just normal undressing seems to be completely acceptable.

BabyBrownEyes, ewwww on the nude swimming with strangers. That just seems wrong!
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