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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Is 20 All It Takes???

I know I should probably post this on the exercise forum but anyway here goes... I have read several articles both online and in magazines about the healthy benefits of walking and that those benefits can be achieved in only 20 minutes a day. Is this really possible? I mean only 20 minutes??? I know women who bust their buns off at the gym for over an hour up to five days a week and I'm wondering if they could get the same results by just doing the 20 minutes a day. If anyone is currently on a walking program l'd love to hear your opinions.
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20 minutes? I have not heard of it.
The American Heart Association recommends people get 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week. For people who exercise over one hour a day, it's really hard work. I personally do not have the will power to do it. 30 mins is what I do everyday and it has improved my overall health, not to mention it has sped up my weight loss.
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Honestly, so few people seem to exercise that 20 minutes would be a huge improvement. I try to do 30 minutes to an hour every day but if you are doing none, anything is better than none.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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30 minutes a day for people that are not (and probably have never been) overweight and are just trying to maintain good health.

30 to 60 for people that need to lose weight. Some studies have shown a minimum of 5 hours per week was optimal for weight loss.

60 to 90 may be needed for some people to lose weight, and also to maintain weight loss.

I think the guideline was 20 minutes ages ago, but has changed based on studies that show we need more.
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60 to 90 may be needed for some people to lose weight, and also to maintain weight loss.
Of aerobic exercise? Waaaaaaaaaaaah! I donwanna spend over an hour every day on those torture machines! I guess I'll have to try to work up to that; right now the elliptical kicks my booty at just 35-40 minutes.
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No, no - all exercise counts! So do yoga, lift weights, do Pilates, stretch, rollerblade, walk, elliptical, take classes -- it's all good.
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You have to START with something and 20 minutes is pretty do-able, even for people who make all kinds of excuses of why they don't have time, etc., to "work-out". Like Meg said, it's ANY kind of exercise.

I strive for 20 every day. If I do more it's a bonus.

The thing is, we are all looking, wishing, hoping for minimum effort/ maximum loss and it just doesn't happen that way. Even if the minimum required (what Suzanne posted) was reached by each person, that doesn't mean you'd get the same effect as Susie or Jane or Allie. Plus you have to be sure that your input is within a good range vs. your output to lose weight as well. Plus you have to be sure that you don't have anything medical against you. Plus you have to be sure that you have the RIGHT foods going in and not just the right amount of calories.

Point being: exercise because it's good for you, because it will help you in the end, because it will add years to your life if you make it a habit, because without it you MAY lose weight but you may struggle to maintain it.

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