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My KNEES! I feel so old....

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Originally Posted by Sasha29 View Post
I'm so glad to see this thread, if only because I'm the only person under 40 that I know of who has knee problems. I'm 31, and I was just diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome (basically, my kneecap slips out of place and hits my femur, causing a lot of pain.) I wear a knee brace now, and I'm working on strengthening the muscles around my knee. I have a really hard time with some exercises, especially lunges and squats, but I'm doing them anyway in the hope that it will help improve this. Losing weight probably wouldn't hurt either!
Sasha, my DD had that when she was really young, like 15, so it's no biggie to have it at any age... It is primarily caused my an imbalance of the quad muscles, the smaller/weaker muscle beside the larger/stronger muscle, needs to be strenghtened ... my daughter did simple quad exercises... at 23 it's gone unless she tries to run a lot... I have this problem also, when I do, I just make sure to do a lot of leg extensions on the machine at the gym, if you don't have a gym try just sitting in a chair and lifting your leg straight out in front of you, preferably with a weight on your ankle...

If you can you could see a physio therapist... that would be the best route...
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Thanks, Ilene! My doctor did give me some exercises to do, and then I figured I might as well start trying to get everything stronger. Unfortunately, I can't do physical therapy until I'm sure my insurance will cover it. Right now, they're denying it as a pre-existing condition. I envy Canadians and your socialized medicine!
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Originally Posted by Diva View Post
Yanno, I never had troubles with my dagum knees back in my 20's or early 30's...or late 30's for that matter, but now @ 39 almost 40 , just about everytime I aerobosize, I hurt my knees and have to ice them and walk around limping! I am TRYING to lose weight here and I really need some cooperation from the knees!!!
Have you tried knee braces? Every once in a while one knee will give me some problems--but I just wrap one of those neopreme cheap braces you can purchase at about any store. It delivers a little heat to the knee--and cures the problem.

Wear them while you exercise--and make certain you're wearing good walking/aerobic/running shoes-(depending on what you're doing for exercise)-that is extremely important. I buy good aerobic (now often referred to as studio shoes)--and I also put in those high heel/pump type clear thin flexible inserts in my work out shoes. Ha.Ha.--they work great in running--aerobic and walking shoes, even though they're not advertised for that use. They cover just the heel and ball of the foot-(aka the impact area)-so you still have lots of toe room in your shoe. They're so thin--that you don't have to remove the in-soles of the shoe--so I get double protection against shin splints and other injuries to ankles--knees and hips due to aerobic/walking or running impact. My feet and knees no longer bother me when I work-out because of these items and I am 60 years old--4 times a week Jazzerciser and do a lot of jumping around. I even monkey glued a pair into my Teeva sandals. About every store (Walgreens/Walmart/Safeway) sells them for about $8.00--and they last about six months too. Then if you work out a lot make certain to replace your shoes every six months--and don't wear them around the house-they're-just to workout in only. You can purchase good shoes at any exercise shoe place in the mall--and there you will be able to get help with what type of shoe you need depending on what type of exercise you're doing. Try on several different pairs to see which one works for you. Personally I like Ryka but everyone has a personal preference. You can also do some reading on the internet-to see other buyers comments-how they like the shoe--what it's for, how the size fits them etc. etc.--before you purchase. You can also purchase them on-line.

Take a little time off from the kind of exercise that's bothering your knees--figure out why they're bothering you-(shoes you're wearing--over pronation of the foot? etc.)- then do some exercises related to strengthening your quads and muscles that hold your knee in place. Then after a couple of weeks of that try your routine again. Then--If you still have a problems change routines--but do not give up exercising.

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Originally Posted by hikerchick View Post
I have a knee related question too. I hope you don't mind me putting it in here.

I have a funny little injury from a goofy fall 8 years ago (whoops is there a step here). It is almost all gone and I have been running with no ill effects (knocks wood).

However when I try to do squats the knee kind of starts to get nervous. It doesn't want to do full range of motion. I am trying something to stabilize it and maybe improve range of motion so I can squat through the full range of motion without this one side hurting. It only hurts when I try to squat low. Slight adjustments with the angle of my feet help alot.

Thanks to the OP for starting the old knee thread!

Since both of you appear to have no prior serious knee injuries--(your's sounds like you may have strained it playing ball)--it's possible that your knee may be affected much like runners experience. BTW--I would give up the squats for awhile--if you're feeling a strain with it. Foot striking the ground and over pronation on one foot or the other can give one or both knees some problems. It might be worth checking on--again proper footwear can correct the problem if that is what is going on. Running store salesmen will have you take your shoes off so they can watch when you walk to see what is going on with your foot and give you recommendations of what type of shoe you should be wearing for either walking or running. Also there are specialty stores with people who need special shoes--of course inserts to correct, etc. etc.

Also the knee has a lot to do with your thighs--as it's really your thighs (quads) that keep the knee together. If you're stronger in the back of your thighs than your quads-and visa versa-your knee can get a little off center. An exercise you can do to correct the knee problems due to impact exercises--is with weights. In a sitting position (if you belong to a gym or have home exercise equipment--or ankle weight wraps) is the weights on the ankles and lift straight up. This will strengthen those muscles that keep your knee working properly, so you can get back to your normal routines.

To get a little more information on this just GOOGLE runners knee and you will find all kinds of articles and information and how to fix knee problems.

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Lightbulb Knee/hip/leg issues? Try rebounding!

Just a suggestion, but one I use myself! Rebounding is GREAT if you don't have any aches, pains, or mild injuries. But especially if you DO happen to have lower body pains, problems, or issues, first, see your medical care provider, and ask whether you can do some form, or forms, of low-impact rebounding (bouncing). Particularly, this would include either, or both, jumping on a trampoline or mini-trampoline (aka "rebounder") AND/OR using rebound boots, such as Kangoo Jumps or a similar brand. Kangoo Jumps (rebound boots or shoes) started as physical therapy, people, in Switzerland. REMEMBER: with rebounding/bouncing, you can bounce soft, or you can bounce more aggressively/harder. YOU tailor your workout fun to your own abilities and physical condition (including rehabbing!). So many types of workouts can be done while standing, walking, jogging/running, marching, bouncing, or jumping on a mini-trampoline or in a pair of rebound boots! GO FOR IT! Hang in there, and let's make our workouts FUN!!
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Dear Ms. bootcamp,

I am glad rebounding had worked for you so well- you sound like a paid spokesperson.

I would urge caution though as can be problems if someone has less than perfect balance , gets dizzy or has
knee issues where the knees may give out.

It is a fun workout but one in which there can be serious injuries .

I have never heard of those boots but to me they sound like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe a really exciting option for the young but not a Good option for anyone with knee issues as they would be hard to remove quickly if necessary.

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Glad rebounding worked for you, Ms Bootcamp. My experience was different: it niggled my knee and made my SI (sacro-iliac) joint hurt. So I gave it away!
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