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Question ISO: The right MP3 player!

OK, I looked through the posts and couldn't find anything that would help me decide which MP3 would be best for me. So here goes.......

I walk on the treadmill and outside (sometimes). I want to be able to "see" something sometimes (especially on the treadmill). Therefore, I'm leaning toward an Ipod video, Zune or Creative Zen Vision W (this one is at the top so far). I do a fair amount of traveling, so having video capabilities is fairly high on my list of priorities. If I HAD to, I could get a separate portable DVD player instead of an MP3 that has those capabilities.

From what I've read, the Creative Zen is larger, which is both a pro and con. It is heavier and therefore, perhaps not as light for working out. But it has a larger screen for viewing videos.

The Ipod and Zune are not as compatible with what I see as standards in the industry (ie Windows media Player and online services such as Napster, etc). You MUST use THEIR service and software.

For those of you who have one of the above-mentioned devices: What would you say are the pros and cons as far as working out AND for viewing videos, etc?

Your thoughts, please.......

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Wink Mp3

I picked the Creative Labs Zen V. I picked it primarily because of its capatibility with Windows Media Player and the fact that the battery is rechargeable. It is small and light. I also like the display screen it has. I love it!
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I have a Creative Zen V Plus and I love it. I did a little research before I bought it and discovered that Creative gets good reviews and is better priced than iPod.

Check out reviews on the products you listed at http://www.cnet.com/

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Hi MIchele, I have the Creative Zen Vision M. It has great picture and an intuitive menu. It works with Napster to go, which was a requirement for me. I love the subscription to Napster. With the Napster to go, I can drag a playlist onto my player within minutes. My son has a smaller Zen and is very happy with his also. When I'm exercising, I just put my player in a holder that straps on my arm. The size doesn't bother me at all.

ANother site for reviews is www.pcmag.com.

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i have iPod with video. I use it anywhere from 2-9 hours a day and wouldn't trade it for the world. I have no trouble getting music from other places and putting it into iTunes either.

and i like the stopwatch feature a lot. I am doing C25K right now and it has been essential to my training. Love it!


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I've got the ipod Video and love it. I use it on all my runs and its nice and comfy with the arm strap. I've just put my first video on it and really liked how it worked and thought the picture was good. I'm not super good with the computer so I actually love the ease of itunes.

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I currently have a 2 year old Creative Zen Jukebox (40 gb), and an iPod Nano (1 gb) (which was a gift). I like them both for different reasons.

I am an audiobook addict. The Creative has a ton of room and I always have several books loaded on it. Plus it has a bookmark feature which lets me go back to where I was in a book after I've been listening to another one, or music. Plus it has a removable battery. I have an extra one so I can keep a charged one ready which is great when I travel.

The iPod I love for exercise. It's small, the controls are easy to use and it has great sound. The small capacity is a drawback, and if I'd been choosing I would have gotten a bigger one. I ended up buying a plug-in charger so I could take it with me on trips where I didn't have access to a computer. And while I like iTunes better than the Creative interface, I don't like that most of my audiobooks won't work on the iPod without a lot of manipulation. I get books from Audible.com which I can load on the iPod (when I have room), but the ones I download through the library need Windows Media.

I recently had trouble with my Creative, and I've been looking into getting a new one. The Vision M is what I've decided to replace the Jukebox with when I need to - unless of course it's months from one, at which time I'll be researching again. If I were just doing music, or podcasts, I'd look more at a larger capacity iPod.

And for the record, I don't do any video on mine. Haven't really looked into it.

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I don't think Nano's have the capibility to do Video do they?

I have the video and its fantastic. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I took it overseas and thought I'd lost it for about five minutes. I was hyperventalating till i found it. Its great for exercise as well.

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