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Default Please tell me

I'm just starting to workout at the gym and wanted to know what are the best workout equipment to use. I workout at the YMCA and the people (workers) are so busy to really get them to show me what to do. I use the treadmil there and one of the stair climbers. Anything else for good weightloss? They also have weight equipment.
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I'm not a fitness professional, so I can't really give you much particular advice: you do need to work with weights as well as doing cardio. I personally like the elliptical runners more than the treadmills, but I think it's mostly a matter of personal preference. I think ideally you should be doing an hour of cardio 5 days a week (this might be something you work up to) and lifting weights 3 days a week.

What I do want to say is that you need to be more assertive with the staff at your Y and get them to actually help you, and properly. They might be busy, but introducing people to the equipment and to a workout routine is their job. I suggest making an appointment to work with a personal trainer--my Y offers this as a free service when you join up. If yours doesn't, you can still pester them until someone gives you a half hour of their time and shows you how to lift weights and use the machines properly. We don't want you to get discouraged and give up exercising, and if you're wandering aimlessly around the gym, unsure what to do, you're going to get discouraged, or you are going to get hurt. Don't be afraid to be assertive!!!
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I had never used the elliptical machine before, and when I went with my friend, she got me to try it, and it really gets the buns!
She told me it is even better workout than treadmill...not sure if she's right or not, but it felt like less work & more payoff to me!
Maybe someone more professional can give you the complete low-down, but I would at least give it a try...I liked it!
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For safety reasons alone, one of the trainers at the Y should walk you through the equipment use....

There are 2 Dummies books that are very informative...Weight Lifting for Dummies and Fitness for Dummies. They give extensive information and answer many questions you may have. Also a good reference guide to keep.

Personally, I like both elliptical and treadmill at a 4-5% incline. good luck!
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Have you tried making an appointment for an orientation? If there's a front desk, you might start there by asking if any of the staff does orientations. That's what I did when I joined a Y. I'm betting they'd want to give you a proper orientation to the equipment so that you avoid injury.

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Definitely get an orientation session...
There are several sites that are very helpful:
You can start on this page at this site:

Hope this helps, have fun
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