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Default Has anyone here ever worked out with a personal trainer?

What was your experience like? How many days a week did you train with him/her?

Thanks for any insight!
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Ilene the Bean
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Personal trainers are an excellent idea, especially if you are a beginner or if you are tired of doing it alone and need new ideas and motivation... Definitely research your trainer, ask around about him/her, ask to see his/her credentials and last but not least make sure it is someone that you are totally comfortable with. The amount of times/week you train with your trainer depends on how much $$ you have to spend... To start, IMO, once/week is good and the other times you go to the gym you can do the workout that was given to you and experiment on your own...

Let us know how it works out.
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Hi, Mini-Me. Thanks for your response to my Easy moves+high intensity post. I worked with a personal trainer about a year ago, when I first started getting into exercise. I didn't know the first thing about cardio or strength training, and she showed me everything I needed to know to get started. (Her instruction on target heart rate was particularly useful.) She came to my house once a week for about 3 months. She taught me about proper form, how to avoid injury, stretching, equipment I could use at home, etc. It really gave me a good basis for getting into shape physically, and it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. If you're thinking about it, I'd say go for it!
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When I first started weight training eight years ago, I hired one for five straight days and he showed how to train each muscle group.

A few months later, I hired him again to scramble it up for me and that's when he suggested I compete.

The years I competed, he trained me and I'd meet with him two or three times a week, depending on what was going on with my body. We did that for four years.

When I got injured almost four years ago, I stopped everything!

When I got better last spring, I knew I'd get back to training and back to him.

I want to compete again and so I plan to start meeting with him twice a week starting late January, but my major focus at this time is on fat loss.

You can develop a relationship with your PT like no other. But if you're not comfortable with him, find another. I did a lot of my own research to make sure HE knew what he was talking about, and I am extremely pleased. This guy kicks my butt every time!

As for the cost, I paid $150 for the first five sessions and once I started competing, the fee dropped completely since it served to promote him up the wazoo and I only used him two to three hours a week!
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I started in the gym 13 years ago with one free session with a personal trainer. He showed me how to use the weight machines and that was enough for me to start circuit training on the machines. After about 4 months, I started reading muscle & fitness magazine (they have a good women's edition) and learned how to use the free weights. The magazines can be helpful in explaining how to do a new exercise. The personal trainers are really expensive where I live, about $75 or so per session so I wouldn't be signing up any time soon! I think it depends on your budget, but you CAN learn how to use the gym effectively without one.

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I have aPersonal trainer right now I work 3 days a week with her. I had knee surgery last year and had become sedate after it. Having the trainer is awesome for helping me get back in gear and working out to the fullest without damaging my knees, in fact they are feeling better everyday

I might add I had never worked out in my life, so I never knew how to start out lol
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Default Personal Trainer Success Story

I've dieted for years. And like most everyone else, it's been a roller coaster ride! In mid October, 2006 I went to my health club and hired their best personal trainer. I initially signed up for 24 visits. I go three times a week for an hour each time. When the 24 visits were up at the beginning of December I had lost 4 1/2 pounds without dieting. But the big story is the inches. I had gone from 18W to size 14 jeans. I was measured in 5 places. I lost 22 inches. My 14's are now loose and I'll be in my 12's in about three weeks. Of course I signed back up. He has me workout one day on upperbody. The second workout is for my lower body. Then the third workout is an overall workout. I feel the results I have obtained are well worth the money I have invested. And of course, I feel like I had to push myself in the workouts.
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I have a personal trainer..two actually..one female and one male. I like the idea of having two different perspectives! I have had the male trainer for over a year and use him occasionally..when I need to change up my routine a bit or give myself a bigger push. The female trainer I use exclusively with my BFL program. I use her once a week (Mondays) and she pushes me like no tomorrow. The other five days that I go to the gym I push myself. I suggest you ask questions of other members who you see using the trainers and get their opinions..also watch..if a trainer is off in la la land while the person they are training is doing their workout out then that's definitely not the person I'm going to hire. I figure that if I am paying someone to work my butt off and push me, he/she better pay attention to me..(its all about me you know!). I can workout on my own..and I am very confident of using the free weights and machines myself but I do like using a trainer for new ideas and like I said that 'extra' push when I need it. You don't have to buy a whack of sessions to find out if you really need or want one. Most gyms offer a free session so ask about it. Then observe the trainers and pick the one you think would benefit you most. If you go the trainer route...let him/her know of what your goals are..they should have ideas on how to help you achieve them. Good luck.

London, ON, Canada

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I had a personal trainer several years back. I went to him once per week for an hour. He developed a new routine for me each week, that I was to do for the rest of the week when I worked out w/o him. It was great, he really taught me lots of stuff.
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