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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Question Lipovox

You've all heard of lipovox, right? that pill by a Hawaiian College student that's basically a mix of 'Superfoods' extracts? it's supposed to help with your skin (acne, wrinkles) as well as energy.
Does it actually work well in any or all or those areas? More importantly, are there any side effects to be wary of?
one reviewer said there was caffeine in the pill (which isn't mentioned). How much is there are how does it effect you. Does the pill give you shakes or keep you up all night? is there a reason why some people definately should NOT take it?
it has mostly good reviews, but i've never taken a diet pill before and i want to make sure. (also, it is more than a appetite suppressor, right? it actually helps you burn fat? because otherwise i might as well go with Hoodia Gordonii Plus).
Thank You.
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Hi, welcome to 3FC

The only way to get the benefits of superfoods is to actually eat them. The so-called extracts in this pill are useless, and just a gimmic to sell pills.

This product concerns me. Who produces it? There aren't any studies to back up their claims, or safety. It's a mysterious product and nothing is known about it. It's like taking candy from strangers.

Nothing in this product will burn fat.

Oh, I hate to sound so negative in response to your first post on 3fc, but I'd suggest saving your money on the hoodia, too. You'll find several threads on hoodia here. True hoodia gordonii is not available here yet, it is protected by African law. What is being sold here as hoodia gordonii is a fake product that does nothing. They include fibers that swell to make you feel less hungry, but that's not the same as p57 (the active molecule in hoodia). The REAL hoodia gordonii will be for sale in America probably in 2007, as it's being developed as a valid product by Unilever and Phytopharm. Until then, hoodia is probably the biggest diet scam to hit the markets in recent years.

We see so many diet pill scams, drugchick. That's why we encourage weight loss through the only realistic method - a healthy diet and exercise program. Pills are only good for wishful thinking.

Good luck
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Thank you for the prompt reply.

"Lincosuction" -perhaps it's easier to google it (Lipovox)
edited for 3fc forum rules

i don't mean to doubt you, but i am curious. What about the hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who claim and swear that these products have worked? or the other websites that compare diet pills and give you, say, the top ten with the best success rate, or those who try to rate everything objectively (like you, only they claim it works).
Sure there are those that say it hasn't, but surely the whole thing isn't merely a placebo affect for those who say positive things? especially with Hoodia gordonii; i was aware that there was a problem with fakes and that you had to make sure the company was FDA approved and had C.I.T.E.S. certificates, but for ALL of it to be fake?
were they forging all these certificates, or do they just mean nothing? how was this made such a big deal by Oprah and everyone else?
more importantly, are there any fat-burning pills out there that are safe and do work? i agree with the exercise and healthy diet method, but it feels as though i've tried everything under the sky, and honestly i hardly ever manage to loose a pound. an extra boost would be a great help.
Thanks again.
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Here's the thing, Drugchick -- every one of those diet plans / pills / drinks / whathaveyou state that they need to be used in conjunction with lifestyle changes to include a healthy diet and exercise program. They typically don't work if you don't use them while eating right and exercising....so logically, guess what it is that's actually making the difference?

Whether or not these things help at all, I'm unsure...if they do, I really think it's minimal. If weight loss was as easy as popping a pill and watching the fat burn away, we wouldn't have the obesity issue that we do, you know?

There are prescription medications that help with appetite control, but that's not what you're asking, and I honestly don't know that much about them.
FL Chickie

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I have seen several websites that rate OTC diet pills, and Lipovox always rates well-supposed to be because of the low side effect occurence and for all of the other benefits, like clearing up skin and digestive problems. Not because people lost alot of weight on it though. I think stuff like this affects us all differently anyway....some people get a placebo effect, some people are more receptive to chemicals/nutrients, and some people don't even get any results with a prescription.
I wouldn't waste money on the hoodia gordonii-suzanne's right. There was a show on Oprah about the appetite suppressing effects of the african plant, but no diet pill was endorsed. So many companies have tried to capitalize on that suggestion, but in reality there's no pill on the market yet that contains active hoodia-it's something about how they extract the "goodies" from the plant. That's how they can have a certificate stating their product really does contain hoodia. It probably does, and maybe "fake" is a confusing term to use. It's just not the "right" hoodia that they base the weight loss claims on, or the same thing Oprah was talking about. We'll just have to wait.
If you want to try the Lipovox, I don't see how it can hurt, but don't set your hopes too high. I'm forever in search of something to make this easier, so I'm not a diet pill skeptic. You don't have your stats up, so I don't know how much you're looking to lose, but if it's a substantial amount I would suggest talking to your doctor. Prescriptions have a better track record for weight loss if your doctor will prescribe, and even if it costs a little more it's better than buying 3 or 4 different products with lord knows what in them and possibly seeing NO results. If you're just looking for something simple and definitely non-script to curb your appetite, I have yet to find a pill that does it since the ephedra ban. I know, I know, lots of people are anti ephedra (it will kill you, etc) but I never had a problem with it, and the 8 people that had fatal reactions in it's many years of use either had pre-existing conditions and/or misuse/overuse of the products. Tylenol can do the same thing, but what do I know. The only thing I've found that helps cravings is chewing gum and slim mints-I've tried every trimspa, zantrex, fahrenheit type of crap there is to be had, and none of it did a thing for me.
I just got some Lean System 7-it's supposed to be a thermogenic/metabolic enhancer. It's made by a company owned by Sylvester Stallone that sells health products, and it doesn't make any outrageous claims of rapid weight loss. I got it from GNC. I decided to try it because there are several PUBLISHED double blind studies that give testament to an increased metabolism, reasonable weight loss, and improved body fat composition. I've only been taking it for a few days, so I can't say yet whether it's working for me or not-but I'll be sure and post back in a few weeks if it does.
I know there are pills that can help-I've had to lose 80 pounds 3 times (pregnancy), and I've taken ephedra products pre-ban, and I've also used phentermine. But there is no pill that will make you be able to lose weight while eating doughnuts all day (darnit!)-so while there are plenty of scams out there that use those disclaimers to squeak past any complaints that a product "didn't work", you really do have to eat sensibly and exercise to lose weight, pill or no pill, plan or no plan.
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Originally Posted by rebeleagle1965 View Post
If you want to try the Lipovox, I don't see how it can hurt
I'm not sure I agree in this case. Lipovox seems to be a mystery product and we don't know exactly what is in it. We know that there are a lot of "natural" products that can cause serious side effects, interact with prescription drugs, and worse. From what I gather, it is being created by an individual who thought up the idea, and it has not been studied or well researched. The name has not been trademarked and the product has not been patented. (I checked with the USPTO) We don't know who is manufacturing it. It could be a mixture of products stirred up by a kid in his basement, or under unsanitary conditions. Machines that fill capsules are easy to come by. Supplements are unregulated anyway, so this particular situation really worries me. Who knows what's in it? No one. Not only that, but the only place to get it is on ebay, and the person selling it has provided screenshots of feedback on the product. However, the feedback dates seem to go back too far, according to the age of the product. The feedback can't be verified because the item numbers are no longer on ebay. PLUS the person selling the product is also selling a ton of other diet pills with similar names, and if you look through them carefully, you'll see that they are publishing the same feedback for multiple products, which is a trick.

The whole thing just screams shady business
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Originally Posted by Drugchick View Post
What about the hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who claim and swear that these products have worked? or the other websites that compare diet pills and give you, say, the top ten with the best success rate, or those who try to rate everything objectively (like you, only they claim it works).
I'm familiar with those sites that rate the diet pills, but they can't be trusted because their goal is to sell the pills, so they will rate best the ones that they are affiliated with. In other words, they are biased reviews.

Regarding all of those people that say they work - Testimonials are entertainment, at best. It's a very common practice for advertisers to plant fake testimonials because they don't have to prove them. Even the commercials we see on TV are often faked. I know a tv producer who told me that they hire fitness models and film the "after" part first, then pay them to gain weight so they can film the "before" part. Unfortunately, it's a ruthless business. You mention FDA approval, but the FDA does not have to or get to approve these types of products. The supplement industry is unregulated. They can legally say anything they want and they don't have to prove it. The only time they have to prove something is if they claim to cure a disease such as cancer. This is really sad because they are targeting people that are looking for a last chance at health and happiness, and are going to be more apt to believe their claims. So they butter us up and take our money. Billions of dollars are wasted every year on diet scams.
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Default I Have To Disagree

Lipovox does work, at least it has for me. I had just stopped nursing my son and was looking for something to help jump start the weight loss. (It seems like the last 20 pounds of pregnancy weight are always the toughest for me. I always gain around 40 ) I never lose weight while I nurse, even though I run 10 mile a week. I was still not able to budge the scale and a friend of mine suggested I take a look at Lipovox. (She has already lost 10.) I did and I have lost about 15 pounds now and would still like to lose 10 more. Diet and exercise are key to any weight loss. If you go into something thinking that all you need to do is take a magic pill, you are going to be sadly mistaken. You need to eat healthy and not be a lump stuck on the couch, and everybody should be doing these things in order to be healthy. The makers of Lipovox don't claim that it will stay off, if when you stop taking it. If you eat fried food at every meal while sitting on the couch for 10 hours of your day, you ar egoing to gain weight. Anyone would and will gain weight if your behaviors don't change. In my opinion, that is why weight loss is a roller coaster. People lose it and then think that everything is fine and dandy and they fall back into poor habits. What happens next is that the scale starts to climb right back up and people are left wondering why they are fat again.

As per the FDA approval, no vitamin or supplement has to be approved, that is why it is so easy for anyone to claim anything. There are accreditations out there that products can receive that involve the verifying the ingrediets listed are the ingredients that are actually in there. Befor you decide to take a supplement, or medication for that matter, do your research first, and then decide. (When researching this company, I found out that they do have accreditation. I also found out that they are manufactured in a lab in Utah and not in some guy's basement. )

If you wonder if something works or not, contact someone who has used it or those who left the feedback for the product and ask them. You can't make up feedback on eBay and all you need to do is click on the user name and send them a message. Anyone who produces a weight loss product, or anything for that matter, is out there to either help people or make money, and some people are out there to do both. I think that this is legit. Some people have over a 100 pounds to lose, while others have 10. Everyone's body is different and we all react differently to different things. Not every product is going to work for everybody.
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Default how are you doing now?

Momto5cutie bugs,
How are you doing 8 months later? I am an avid WW member and have lost 30 lbs, but I am having trouble with the last 10. I was looking into lipovox as a supplement to an already healthy eating plan to get me off my plateau and move that scale with the last 10 pounds. You spoke highly of Lipovox 8 months ago and I was just wondering how you are doing now.
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I'm afraid you may not get your answer 4everdieting. Since that user hasn't been around since their post about Lipovox. Also, since it was a user who only had 2 posts, it could've been a veiled advertisement. We get a lot of veiled advertisements around here.

I have heard the last 10 lbs are the hardest to get off but I am sure you will figure out how to do it Good luck to you.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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