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Default Exercise -The Firm-Has anyone actually overweight been successful with this?

I am about 80 - 100lbs overweight, I have not exercised, except for walking, in a very long time and I don't consider myself to be uncoordinated. But I cannot follow the routines with this program. They do 2 steps and move on. I read reviews for the Firm and everyone loves it but I'm thinking that these reviews were all written by 110lb exercise instructors, not overweight beginners. I need to exercise and I am not paying for a gym and I live in a small town and will not go to the gym where I will see all of the skinny, stay at home PTA moms. I need something that I can follow, at home, that will not take more than half an hour a day. Does such a thing exist?
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Hi UltSoccerMom!

First of all, GOOD FOR YOU for getting the videos!!!

I have used The Firm before and I agree with you!! It is pretty difficult at first and they do move on pretty quickly. BUT, (yes, there is always a “but”), I think that it really does produce results. The thing that helped me was to keep in mind that as long as I was moving and keeping my heart rate up, I was doing good. I have been using the video for about three years now and there are still moves that I can't get right and I just don't bother with anymore...So, when the they are doing a move that I am not good at, I just keep doing a move that I know I can do and enjoy. Or, if they do too many sets and my legs are getting too tired I just switch to a different move and keep going. Also, I think the same way you do about going to a gym and seeing all of those skinny women! I was so happy to hear that I am not the only one who feels that way. Keep up the good work, just keep moving, you're on the right track!!!
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Default The Firm Part Two

Sorry, my first post was getting too long and I thought of something else to add.

The other thing I try to remember is that the women on those videos are paid professionals! Their job is to do aerobics all day, of course they are going to make it look easy and move from step to step quickly and easily. Do you really think we would want to buy a video w/ women who are huffing and puffing, straining and having as hard of a time doing it as we do? Of course not! They know exactly what they are doing and have been doing it for years! The may even dream about it!!! Don't let that discourage you, just keep with it and before you know it you'll get it down perfect! Let me know how it goes, I would love to know. Have a great day!
Beauty: it's not just a job, it's an adventure!
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Oh, I feel for you. I've been at my goal weight for a long time and I got the Firm several months back. I'm 47 though and I don't move like the young chicks, but I am semi coordinated. I know a lot of people love the firm and I like it, but it didn't take me long to get bored. So, I still use it, but also have a rebounder and some Walk Away the Pounds tapes for at home. For the amount of time you want to spend, maybe try the Biggest Loser workout and some of the Walk away the pounds. Then you could work your way back into the Firm later. Just my thoughts and just try different things...you'll figure out what works for you.
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They have different levels, the basic ones are best for those of us who have 2 left feet. I don't know what they are called now, they change them up so often.

I have problems following them also, I borrow tapes from the library and wind up doing about 10 minutes and turning them off in disgust. So don't feel bad.

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After going through the tapes and doing the workouts over and over, usually you will get the hang of it after awhile.

You do get results.
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I have watched the firm videaos (notice I said Watched!) - they looked way beyond me. I am sure they work and maybe doen the road I will do them also. But I dont think I could do them now....

I have been doing the Turbo Jam Videos and they are really fun and go by fast. Also I like the Walk Away the Pounds Videos. They arent too dancy.

Good Luck! I understand being very heavy and trying to workout and stay motivated it hard but you can do it.
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One thing that helped me get a good workout at home was Joyce Vedral's book, The Fat Burning Workout. I used it with the Body For Life outline, and got great results. I got sick, had surgery and wasted some time, and I am now trying to get back on track with the weights. Its not a video, but strength training and really helps. Check it out and see if it is something you might be able to do.
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I've never tried The FIRM, but I do know all about getting totally lost during exercise videos . I try to stick with a video 3 days a week for 3 weeks, and I get hopelessly lost in the first week. Most of the time I walk in place until I can figure out whats going on. I figure that being lost and moving is better than nothing. I would say keep trying, it gets easier to figure out whats going on the more you do it.
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I just bought the firm transfirmer plus videos to add a little variety to my exercise. I have only tried out two of them, but found that each time I got a little bit better. I felt like a failure the first time! I was watching my watch hoping they were almost over! The second time I was pretty proud because I got a few more moves. My sister swears by them. She likes the body sculpting one that doesn't have the aerobic dance with it. (She has two left feet too) She has done it enough that she some times does the moves without the tape if she is short on time or wants to vary it. I'm going to give it some more time. The steps are really good for your leg muscles. Plus I would hate to have paid the money and wasted it.
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The FIRM has helped me lose 17 lbs in the past. However, I don't do them that much any more because I feel they are more difficult having gained all that back and then some. For a beginner it would probably be best to try any walk away the pounds videos to get started. Once you're down to exercising regularly then try the FIRM, if you stick with it, you will most definately see the results.
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I can't stand the Firm. I can't get my big butt up on that 14 inch step. I stick to simple things. I ride a stationary bike. After only a week i'm already up to 3 minute miles. It's a great workout, i sweat like crazy and burn a ton of calories. It hurts your butt at 1st but now I can go 35 minutes easy. And I just started to do some boxing to work the upper body. I'm tired of all the videos, I do cardio and lift weights. That's all you need.

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