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Ear stapling

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Old 04-17-2006, 03:04 PM   #1
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Default Ear stapling

I did a search in this forum and didn't find much of anything on this, but I was talking to a relative of mine and noticed a huge staple in her ear when she turned her head. Apparently this is the latest thing where she lives. It is supposed to interrupt the nerve signal telling you that you want to eat. She said it hasn't helped, but that her sister (a nurse) has been trained to do the stapling and apparently to do it correctly you must use this locator device to find the nerve (which her person did not do). To me this sounds somewhere inbetween dangerous and bizarre, and though I wouldn't do it myself I'm curious as to whether folks are having success. One of my best friends says a clinic opened in her hometown and people are dropping weight like flies. I just hope my 130 lb sister doesn't hear about this...she even took xenical even though she is tiny...she's a sucker for the latest thing and I don't want her walking around with this if it is dangerous. It literally made me think this person looked like a frankenstein with body parts stapled together

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We did have a thread on this not too long ago, but I couldn't find it either. Perhaps it got deleted for some reason. Anyways, the upshot was that it doesn't work. There were several people who said they tried it and it did nothing, and a few articles about studies done that supported that statement. It was a good thread, I wish I could find it to link.

Seriously, though, ear stapling came off as looking very bad.
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I did a google image search to see what this staple looked like... I couldnt find much but from what I did find... I have piercings in the same places people are putting staples and let me tell you that it made no difference my weight loss. I know all about piercings... and IMO this ear stapling is a joke and sounds VERY dangerous. If you want something cool in your ear - go see a TRAINED piecer and I am not talking the little shop in the mall with an ear gun

I don't know exactly how these staples work but from what I can tell they use something simlar to a 'stapler' or rather a piercing gun... very very dangerous! They put way too much pressure on your ear and can be VERY harmful and cause A LOT of damage. Also they can not be cleaned properly and can transfer dieases. Also - again I do not know EXACTLY how they work - but the staple looks tight and when forcing metal through your ear (or any body part for that matter) you have to leave LOTS of room for your body to swell, etc. Enough of my rant.

Anyway that is my 2cents Please don't do it!
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well when I was watching some 10 years younger show, on either TLC or Discovery, this guy who smoked for like 30 years had these "button" type things put in his ear and when he needed a smoke, he pressed on the buttons ( kinda like acupuncture) and the craving would subside. I believe in stuff like that. I dont know that the "staples" are the same thing, because these werent applied with any gun or stapler.
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I don't have any useful input, but when I read the topic name, my thought was, "Ear stapling? What, so you can't hear the cake calling your name??"

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Default food calling

Originally Posted by madscientist
I don't have any useful input, but when I read the topic name, my thought was, "Ear stapling? What, so you can't hear the cake calling your name??"

Ha, ha, ha! You hear it too?
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Old 04-30-2006, 12:55 PM   #7
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This has been a big thing around here lately. LOTS of ladies I know have gotten the ear staple. It hasn't seemed to help any of them from what I hear and what really concerns me is that the 'clinics' were shut down last week. Now all of the people who have them are wondering how they are going to get them removed.
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Originally Posted by webweevil
Ha, ha, ha! You hear it too?
Ohhh yeah! The voices are everywhere!
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I had the staples. Lost about 15 pounds in a month. But of course, as the pain subsided, the cravings came back. I gained back about 12 of those 15. Thank goodness I was able to catch it before it got out of hand and jump on the treadmill!!!
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I had the stapels and they didn't do anything except become infected and hurt. When I went to have them removed one of them was stuck and hurt so bad to have removed I was almost in tears. My advice DONT DO IT.

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I think I'd try having my mouth stapled first!! Or maybe just get my jaws wired?
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Originally Posted by telemetrynurse
I think I'd try having my mouth stapled first!! Or maybe just get my jaws wired?
Ahh, but a friend of mine had her jaw wired shut for 6 weeks and ended up gaining 10 lbs!

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Theres a dr here whose been putting small pins in ,what seems like the same place. Shes been doing this for 15 years and its to use in combnation with her weight loss plan (basically low carb). The theory is the pins are in acu- pressure points and when you get cravings you press on the pins. Its supposed to help with that. These pins dont actually pierce the skin though, those staples sound dangerous. My sister swears by the pins, that they really help the appetite control. Im a little skeptical.
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or you could try just pressing your ear when you're hungry? LOL
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