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Old 07-16-2006, 01:06 PM   #46
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I took phentermine a few years back - lost 35 pounds easily within 5 or 6 months.

It was the best appetite suppressant I ever used... I didn't even have the desire to eat when I was bored, smelled or saw yummy food, was cooking for others- I often had to MAKE myself eat something.

It changes your metabolism - I DON'T recommend taking it!! You're not supposed to take it forever, but as soon as you stop you gain all the weight back and it's even harder to lose after that.

When I took it, I started at a higher dose, eventually weaned down lower and off it over the period of about a year. (as recommended by my Dr.) In the meantime I improved my eating habits and became more active. I thought that my lifestyle change would help maintain my weight loss after going off it but I was wrong.

It felt so good to lose the weight so fast and I looked really good, but it wasn't 'real' - it was only temporary.

It also made it hard for me to fall asleep & I bruised easily, and I had a very dry mouth (but I didn't care... I was SKINNY!!)

I ended up gaining back more than I'd lost & was depressed and felt like I'd NEVER lose the weight. I ALMOST went back on it out of desperation - but decided I needed to let my body get back to 'normal' so I could REALLY lose the weight and keep it off. It's been over 2 years since I last took it, and I'm just now finally getting this weight loss thing right!

(although I am using Lipo-6 without ephedra from GNC as an appetite suppressant- which seems to be helping me quite well so far)

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aint misbehaving
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I have found that anytime I use a diet pill of any kind, I end up gaining the weight back. WW works best for me as long as I attend the meetings and journ al.
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I was on Phentermine a few years back to lose 40 pounds, which came off within a matter of months. I thought it worked great. Then one day it stopped giving me the energy I loved. Well so I increased my intake to 1 and half pills a day, well that worked great for a while , then I increased it to two a day then three and etc.. you get the picture,I became so addicted to these pills that my great mom and sis finally talked to me , then my mother went so far as to contact the doctor who was give me them. I was 125 pounds and I thought on top of the world. I went off them the next week cause my doctor wouldn't give me anymore and I would lie and wear weights underneath my clothes for my weight to be up. It got really crazy and the end result I gained the 40 pounds back plus 13. I am telling my story to let you all know that this drug is also very addicting, I think mostly because of the weight I was getting the results I wanted and didn't want them to go away. And in the process I lost myself. So please take them with caution, because I wanted to be skinny more then anything and I learned a big lesson. This pill is short-term , good luck to you all in your journey !!

Mini goal Aug 5 - down 18 pounds
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Old 07-27-2006, 10:32 AM   #49
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I used to weigh 125-130lbs before I got pregnant (Oct. 2003) the minute the Dr. confirmed I was preggo (literally before I even missed my first period) I used it as an excuse to EAT JUNK, and gained 80lbs, YES, 80lbs - 205 lbs. I breastfed, and that just left me famished and exhausted, so I didn't loose much. October 2004 comes along and I'm pregnant again...when I gave birth I weighed 220lbs ~ from a size 6.... My baby is a little over a year now.

I'm a teacher and my last day of work was 6/28 I weighed 211. I started the phen 7/15 at 203, I weighed myself a week later and was at 196. I'm working out every other day, long walks and the Firm and eating small nutrious meals throughout the day. The phen really helps, if you're under a Dr's care, and take it as an opportunity to clean up your diet and start moving...
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Old 08-07-2006, 10:17 PM   #50
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hey sassy, I 'm currently taking it its great and it works fast. what i mean is that you lose weight fast. i love it I been on it or a year on and off. but it does have its side off effects like the shakes and anxiety. but after a few days they'll go away. good luck lets us know how its working out for you.
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Old 08-07-2006, 10:28 PM   #51
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I have taken Phentermine in the past and it does seem to lose it's effectiveness after awhile...I lost a ton and then gained it all back plus. I took it in the fen/phen combo and now have moderate mitral valve regurgitation....the phentermine was not the cause but my cardio specialist told me to completely stay away from it...it can cause heart palpatations, arrthymias and can be addictive....it works much like meth....on a chemical level. I have never used meth but I can tell you that the combo made me feel great and I lost alot of weight but the heart damage is certainly not worth the risk....Leslie

Taking my life back one pound at a time!!
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Hi, im Haley and im 24 from Texas. I just started the Phentermine along with a water pill on wednedsay August 9th. I got a b12/b6 shot on the 8th, and so far no side effects, other than a touch of insomnia but nothing too bad. I have about 64 pounds to lose, then I want another 20 on top of that, so about 80 pounds is what im hoping to lose. I too, am having to force myself to eat. i havent even take my pills yet today and im already sweating! i hope this works out for me.
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Old 10-03-2006, 03:49 PM   #53
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I got my script today. Will see how it goes. I also got a script for water pills and potassium.
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I used Adipex for a while. I did lose weight - but was it the Adipex? I'm not sure, as I was already "dieting" & exercising before I started taking it. It did give me some good energy. I was able to complete a full day's work, then go to the gym, then home & do some cleaning or run errands, & I didn't feel like I was about to fall down, LOL! I remember one day inparticular, I couldn't remember if I'd taken my Adipex or not, so I went ahead & took one - appartently that was my SECOND pill of the day... I kid you not! - I was on fire that day! - I didn't sleep for over 40 hours! - I was constantly cleaning something or rearranging something or taking a walk or whatever; I just had bookoo energy! It was an extreme high.

After about 6 or 8 months, I went off the meds. I did gain weight back. But I stopped exercising (injury took me out of the gym) and a few months after that I started eating junk again instead of making healthy choices. So did I gain weight because I went off the Adipex? I don't think so. I think it was my lack of exercise & bad food choices that made me gain the weight back.

I might go back on Adipex again. But right now, I'm on Celexa for depression, and it's really helping me. So I'm not sure I want to mix meds. The doc has offered to give me Adipex again; I'm just not sure I want to take that route. I am not really trying to lose weight at this time; I'm more interested in getting my head together. But I AM trying to not gain anymore! Good grief, it's a long hard road, ain't it?

You CAN have ANYTHING you want,
but you CAN'T have EVERYTHING you want!
~my mama!
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Phentermine works! I did virtually nothing but take the phentermine in the beginning and lost about 15 pounds in a month. I did not gain it back either. I was just looking for the easy way out at the time though. With just diet, exercise, and drinking plenty of water (in fact nothing but water) I lost 6 pounds in 5 days. It just goes to show that when you motivate yourself and stick to the absolute right thing to do then you cannot go wrong at all.
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I have just started Phentermine as of last Thursday. I have some side effects like dry mouth. I know that I will not be on this pill long. Right now, I am using it as a crutch to get me through the first couple of months. It has really helped with the sugar cravings. Someone brought in made-from-scratch cupcakes to my dance class that were topped with fudge icing. Normally, I would have eaten two. I didn't have one.

I take one pill in the morning, but I'm considering breaking my pill in two and taking one half later in the day because around 5 pmish I sort of "come off" the drug and lose alot of energy. I am thinking that this is because I am not eating enough during the day.

I really don't know what to do with that aspect. I have a hard time eating. I take my pill at 8:00am and then eat breakfast at 8:30 (it says to wait a 1/2 hour before eating.) Breakfast for the past few days has been oat bran cereal with some blueberries and splenda cut with a little bit of skim milk. Then lunch rolls around and I can only stomach about 1/2 cup of whatever I brought (left overs). Then I force myself to eat a yogurt around 3i:00pm-ish. Then I don't eat dinner until later. This pill pretty much makes you starve yourself without the pain of it. I'm pretty worried there...my Doctor told me achieve 1400 calories a day...I barely made it to 1100 yersterday.

Well, I'm still going to try my best. I was on Atkins but Atkins is so darn expensive to maintain and requires constant cooking. It does help me stay away from evil sugar though...My fridge and cubbards are sugar free now. I am eating carbs but only from whole grain sources that include a lot of fiber. (Beans, oat bran cereal, veggies, 7 grain bread, stuff like that.) I also have low fat dairy products and leaner meats. Basically, I'm doing South Beach phase 2-3, skipping 1. I'm trying to make sure that the calories and carbs I do consume come from healthy sources and not sugar and junk.

Pray for me! I'm so desperate to lose.

I'm tired of Food running my life.

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Maybe it is just me but while taking phentermine I feel a little emotional. Almost sensitive to everything! Has anybody else experienced that?
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I know when I took it I was sometimes kindof on edge-not really what I would call emotional, just more easily agitated I guess.
Phentermine stimulates neurons in the brain to release neurotransmitters that signal that "fight or flight" response in the body. You know that feeling you get when you're uneasy about something, like you're walking to your car alone in a dark parking lot? Or walking through the woods and hear a noise behind you? THAT's "fight or flight". It's our bodies way of protecting/preparing ourselves for danger. No way we can think about twinkies when that's going on, lol. Don't get me wrong-it's not like phen will make you feel scared-I'm just using those scenarios as an example of how our bodies produce those neurotransmitters naturally. It just makes the brain make those same chemicals.
It's a weird way to go about it, but when our brains/bodies are in this mode, the hunger signal can't get through-which is how phen supresses our appetite. So because it goes through the brain to alter mood to block hunger, I'm sure it can have different effects on different people. It's also one of the reasons why some people can't tolerate taking it, why it can cause insomnia, and why you can't take it if you are or have been taking maoi inhibitors (anti-depressants).
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I tried to get my doctor to prescribe this and she said no because it has caused strokes in young women. Has anyone heard anything about this.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou

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Yes with phentermine you will lose the weight but more than likely gain it right back once you are off it because you no longer have an artificial appetite suppressant helping you. I have used this drug a couple times many years ago... both times lost maybe 20 pounds with exercise but always gained the weight right back. Side effects include racing heart, heart palpitations, dry mouth, insomnia, excessive thirst, irritability, trembling, and restlessness. It can cause depression and lethargy when you go off of it.

The only weight loss I have ever been able to keep off was through healthy eating choices (not chemically induced dieting with drugs) and exercise. Also phentermine IS ADDICTING and the high you get wears off after several weeks. This stuff is related to speed... I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


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