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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!


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This sounds good to me. I'm looking for a doctor as i write this. Though these effects sound identical to meth, I really just want the chance to let it work. even if I can be under 200 pounds for a month it will be worth it. wish me luck.

btw you gain the weight back because your metabolism shuts down when you dont eat. just like you wean yourself off a drug you have to wean your body back into eating normally. either that or dont starve yourself just because your not hungry. permanent damages arent worth weight loss.
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Got my duromine yesterday, I'm starting tomorrow-I'd kill to get under 80kgs- I've gone from 107 to 92 by myself and have kept it off for 8 months, let's see what duros will do for me.
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I just got mine today. Had to pay out of pocket but rough guess it would be 37 for a month at the highest does. I am using it to help me get back into the swing of things. My doctor explained it and I think this pill is the way to go. I kind of hope it helps with my energy since I'm been a bit lazy due to zero motivation.

For now I'm just going to worry about moving my BUTT more and cutting down on my late night eating, hoping everything will just fall into place.

Tell yourself how IMPORTANT you are everyday and BELIEVE it.
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I was taking it for about 2 weeks but I was taking a pill in the morning and one at night and I ended up super paranoid so I stopped. I was letting all of it get out of my system but I will restart it on a lower dose.
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I currently use Phentermine. I started taking it August 1st, 2011 under the supervision of my family doctor. I was taking 1 pill a day- half when I woke up in the morning with a large glass of water and a banana and the other half around noon. The only side affect that I have had is dryness of mouth. I simply cannot get enough to drink and water is about the only thing that seems to help. Also, a comlete lack of appetite. Even though you aren't hungry you must eat! Talk to your doctor about a healthy amount of calories. I have made many lifestyle changes. I follow a very healthy diet of roughly 1200 calories with only the occassional spurge. I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day and I go to the gym three times a week. I cut out all soda pop and switched to decaf coffee (one cup in the morning with one creamer instead of 5!) The prescription isn't for long term use and I am down to a half a pill a day and do not take them at all on the weekend. It has been enough to motivate me to stick to it, get active, and stay conscious to what I put in my body. I love having the energy to play with my children. I actually enjoy shopping. I don't shy away from cameras. Good luck to you as well!
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When I kicked off my weightloss I tool Phentermine for 3 months. It was extremely helpful and although I had trouble sleeping and drymouth, I lost weight a lot faster. Now that I have been plateauing for 3 months, I have a doctor's appointment to go back on it briefly again to get things moving.

I remember a long plateau when I went off it last time, but at least I'd be doing it at a lower weight.

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I lost 50lbs in 2 months on phentermine back in 2006. I feel like I was literally a drug addict for those 3 months and I promised myself I would never take that junk again. It totally changed my attitude from being a very easy to get along with person, to being very quick to snap back at someone. I probably slept 3 hours a night and just felt awake and somewhat angry the entire time. I really didn't know what was making feel this way and was in denial that this little pill was causing all of this animosity and anger. I wouldn't say that I ever really felt suicidal, but I really didn't care if i lived or died for some reason. I felt invincible and would have fought a grizzly bear had one threatened me. I remember forcing myself to eat at least something each day. I probably consumed on average less than 500-600 calories each day.

After stopping the madness of taking that drug, my mood shifted completely back to normal in a day or two. Yes, I was 50lbs lighter but it scared me that something could change me that quickly and easily. It opened my eyes to how drug addicts act out without fear or remorse, it's not them.... it's the drug.

Yes, I gained all of the weight back and a few extra pounds but quite frankly I'd rather be fat than ever take phentermine again. I'm not going to try to stop anyone from trying it, but if you experience any paranoia or anger, please stop taking it--- it's not worth it. Try any and everything else first.
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I took Phen and loved it! stopped and gained all the weight back. Looking into starting again. Only thing- if you have ANY side effect issues STOP taking it immediately! GOOD LUCK!
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Thumbs up no problems for me

I took Phen back in May of 2011 for a month, then took another month worth of pills over the next 2 or 3 months.

My only side effect was dry mouth and decreased appetite. I did not mind either of these as it got me drinking more water. Also, when I wasn't in binge mode I could consciously choose something healthy and feel full after a regular portion rather than stuffing myself.

I LOVED having the energy to actually get up and work out. I could make it through a day without being tired at 4 p.m. I lost a total of 20 lbs over about 4 or 5 months. I continued to lose after the pills and kept the weight off after the pills because I had "retrained" myself and was keeping up with a healthier lifestyle.

I have been feeling exhausted again and have gained about 8 lbs back in the last month. I just went back to my Dr. and got another prescription. I think I may just take 1/2 pill each day this time.

I realize these work different for each person but wanted to share my story )
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I lost 50 lbs in 3 months back in 93 on phentermine. I kept it all off until 98 when I got pregnant. After that I still kept off all but about 15 lbs. I was happy with the results and my side effects were minimal. I had the dry mouth and was slightly irritable near the end. I had to limit my coffee consumption while taking it.
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So those of you that have taken it, yes or no? I went to a weight loss doctor today and he pretty much seemed like a pill pusher. I have been researching Phentermine for the past week or so and reading the reviews both here and elsewhere and I'm absolutely terrified of gaining the weight back after losing it. At the same time, I'm desperate to shed the pounds.

I expressed my concerns to the doctor and he said plainly that, yes I will gain the weight back after unless I "run a marathon everyday." When I asked about how he prescribes it (x amount of months on, x off), he told me he doesn't do that and will basically give it whenever you want/need it. The guy was friendly, but I don't know... He just seems like a total pill pusher. Part of me wants to try it with the first month's supply and kind of jump start my efforts, but again I'm afraid. Another thing, this doctor automatically starts you off at the highest dosage. He said we're all there to lose weight, so why not.

I've been working on a lifestyle change where both food and exercise are concerned, but I'm afraid that by taking this medicine, I will be taking one step forward and two backwards in the long run. Any additional input, suggestions, opinions or experiences are greatly appreciated!
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well I starting taking phentermine this week...I am only on day 2...so i guess we will see where this takes me. I been working out and watching what I eat. I am actually not even hungry but I force myself to eat every 3 hours (something small). I know this might not be healthy but I been doing Lean Shake 25(bought at GNC) for my meal replacements. and yogurts as my snacks. I am trying to lose 100 lbs. so I hope I stay motivated to reach my goal. mY Dr is also giving me B12 shots once a month... I have the options to get two, but Im going to see how my first month goes. I have took this pill before and lost 48 lbs in 2 and half months..I kept the weight off for a few years then just gained it all back. I think it is all about how you eat..there is no magic pill but this does help with my hunger.
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I am planning to request this at my appt with my doctor next week. It was offered to me before, and then he reneg'd and offered to sell me some Medifast instead! Kind of a conflict of interest, I felt.

I am apparently "grossly obese" according to multiple doctors I see and need to lose 75-100lbs or something insanely daunting. I know a few friends that lost significant weight with this medication, and I am hoping that maybe a combination of this and something else will help me finally break through the 50 lbs I keep gaining and losing. And keep it off when I get there.

It is my understanding though that you can only take this for a few weeks at a time?
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I need to lose 75-100 too!! and I know it is going to suck! BUT I am going to stick to this crap and get it over with..so I guess I am grossly obese too ha...I work with skinny chicks that eat allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and never gain weight.. i always tell them I hope they blow up :/ ha...it is just so hard to be around food all the time in a office and not eat it...these pills have helped a lot with that. I am planning on walking today after work... I just wish there was a faster way to lose weight....like maybe....go to sleep and wake up perfect? I am on this website to stay focused...not really sure how to work it yet or how to talk to people so I guess I will just randomly post stuff.

Is anyone else taking this pill right now???
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Your guy does sound a bit too carefree with it, esbee.

I've struggled with PCOS/IR/Hypothyroid obesity for 20 years. For the first 10 I didn't even know WHY it was so hard because I didn't have the dx. Then I got the dx but took a TTC detour and made it through a high risk pregnancy, infancy, extended nursing etc. My hormones were a wreck and I regained over those years.

Anyway, I'm trying to focus on my own needs now.The first time my GP suggested it in my mid 20's and I said no thanks and that was it for that. I was wanting to lose weight and TTC and I didn't want to think about extra meds in my system. You are NOT supposed to get pregnant on phen!

Many years later my endoc brought it up and I took 2 years thinking it over. I'm mid 30's now. I finally agreed and together we decided on a Feb, Mar and April run and she'd evaluate me at my check up. So it wasn't a decision I made lightly and it was for a supervised short run. I don't want it after my April check up!

She warned me it isn't a magic pill, and that I still need to manage my exercise and food log or else I'll regain again. I'm supposed to call the office if I feel weird at any time. It's a restricted substance and one of her nurses had to clear it with my insurance too.

My side effects are dry mouth mostly.

I've lost 5 lbs this first month and I'm happy with that. I wasn't expecting miracles. Usually I fight to not GAIN!

It does help with appetite suppression for me and with the IR, that's a huge relief. It's fighting the RAVENOUS hunger that drove me crazy. I'm hoping to lose enough while on this phentermine tool to get the IR to improve some from weight lost, and with a better IR be able to continue the rest of the way without the Phen.

I was expecting the appetite suppressant part. I did not expect the much better sleep! I struggled with afternoon fatigue and now I can get through it without a nap. Which means I can sleep properly at night instead of being night owly. I feel rested when I get up, and can actually get stuff done like my workouts, errands and so on.

(PCOS fatigue is another huge obstacle -- not just the crazy IR hunger. )

So while my experience so far is positive, I really want to get to the place in April where I'm OFF it. Diet drugs make me leery. To me it's a last resort, not a first pick.

I'm glad I'm being monitored but I'll be gladder off it.

Started Oct 2014:

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